NH Fish and Game Hunters Survey Winners Announced – NH Department of Fish and Game

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October 6, 2022

ruffed grouse in the snow

Concord, New Hampshire – The New Hampshire Game and Fish Department Wildlife Division recently awarded five new firearms and a compound bow to six lucky recipients. Winners became eligible through participation in one of five hunter surveys conducted during the fall 2021 and spring 2022 hunting seasons at Granite State.

Hunter surveys help improve wildlife management. Understanding what hunters have seen in the field or harvested helps wildlife biologists better develop hunting seasons that will continue to guide wildlife populations toward healthy and sustainable levels. The NH Game and Fish Department annually administers five surveys that are important to the scientific management of game and fur species: the Deer Hunters Mail Survey, the Small Game Hunters Survey, the Rufous Grouse Wings and Tail, the Bow Hunters Survey, and the Spring Turkey Hunters Survey.

Congratulations to the latest winners:

  • Norman Webber of NY won a certificate for an American rifle donated by Sturm, Ruger and Company for his participation in the 2021 Small Game Survey.
  • VT’s David Brown secured an Escort M87 Pump 20-gauge shotgun donated by the Ruffed Grouse Society for his participation in the 2021 Wing and Tail survey.
  • Arthur Brouillard of NH received a Prime Nexus compound bow donated by Prime Archery and Morse Sporting Goods of Hillsborough, NH for completing the Bow Hunter 2021 survey.
  • Alan Dewhirst of MA received a certificate for an American rifle donated by Sturm, Ruger and Company for responding to the 2021 Deer Hunter Survey.
  • Ed Agoes, III of NH earned a Woodman Arms Patriot Muzzleloader donated by Woodman Arms of Fremont, NH for participating in the 2021 Deer Hunter Survey.
  • Scott Nichols of NH won a Mossberg Maverick 88 Field Bottomlands Camo shotgun donated by the NH Chapter of the National Wild Turkey Federation for his participation in the Spring 2022 Turkey Hunters Survey.

The Department values ​​the data provided by participants and is grateful to the generous donors who support these important hunter surveys. Sturm, Ruger and Company of Newport, NH has supplied firearms to bolster two different surveys since 1994. The Ruffed Grouse Society, whether the national or state chapter, has provided a shotgun for the Wing and Tail Survey raffle since its inception in 2005 Woodman Arms of Fremont, NH continues to provide a muzzleloader annually, and the Barn Store of Salisbury, NH assists survey winners in transferring their firearms in accordance with federal regulations. Prime Archery along with Morse Sporting Goods of Hillsborough, NH have donated compound bows in support of the Bow Hunter survey, while the NH state chapter of the National Wild Turkey Federation has donated shotguns and turkey hunting equipment since the survey. Spring Turkey Hunter. it started. the
The support of these generous contributors increases hunter participation in these important surveys.

And thanks to all the survey participants. If he has never participated in these surveys in the past, the Department encourages him to do so this fall. It doesn’t take long and gives hunters the satisfaction of knowing they have made a significant contribution to improving species management for the future.

To participate in the Rufous Grouse Wings and Tail Survey, hunters must pick up survey packets at posted locations throughout the state. For more information, visit https://www.wildlife.state.nh.us/surveys/ruffed-grouse.html.

Small Game Hunter Survey is a daily tracking survey that any small game hunter can complete and submit. Prior year participants are automatically mailed a survey for the upcoming season or a survey can be printed by visiting www.huntnh.com or by calling 603-271-2461.

The Deer Hunters Mail Survey, Bowhunters Survey, and Spring Turkey Hunters Survey are mailed to previous years successful deer and turkey hunters. If you receive one of these surveys in the mail, please record your diary details and mail the completed survey by the specified due date.

Wildlife research and management in New Hampshire is funded in part by the federal Wildlife Restoration Program, a user pay-and-benefit program supported by your purchases of firearms, ammunition and shooting supplies. with bow