New web and mobile functionality under development

VIRGINIA BEACH, VA— iSportsman has been helping veterans, service members and their families get outdoors since 2007. Now, iSportsman aims to provide that same great service to its users both on and off base with the latest addition to the suite of services. from iSportsman: iSportsmanX. iSportsmanX Beta soft was released in December 2022 and after careful consideration of beta tester feedback, new changes are being implemented for the continued development of iSportsmanX.

The future iSportsmanX will have both a web and mobile app, offering their own unique experience and functionality to fully address the needs of current and future iSportsman users. Currently available is iSportsmanX Beta, a version of the iSportsmanX service that can be accessed by visiting

iSportsmanX beta features:

  • Interactive US map of iSportsmanGX locations on load
  • Opportunities that can be filtered by category, distance, name and status.
  • Detail pages for each iSportsmanGX location.

In April 2023, will no longer host the iSportsmanX Beta service. Instead, it will host iSportsmanGX Web, which will include the following features below. Also in April, the iSportsmanX Beta service will migrate to, which is still under development.

iSportsmanGX Web Features:

  • Removed non-functional iSportsmanX search bar.
  • Topographic information added to each existing detail page.
  • Added detailed description information to each existing detail page.
  • Links to state regulations for each existing detail page.
  • List of activities available at each location both in the list of opportunities and on the location details page.
  • Filter alphabetic options by status in the opportunity list.
  • Improved filtering options in the opportunity list.
  • Modernized UI design updates centered around an iSportsmanGX experience.

In July 2023, iSportsmanX Mobile will be available for open beta use. iSportsmanX Mobile will be an improved version of the original iSportsmanX concept. Planned to be available on both Android and iOS, iSportsmanX Mobile will provide outdoor recreation search information regardless of whether or not iSportsman manages the opportunity.

As iSportsman continues to ensure that the best possible service is developed, we welcome any feedback you may have regarding your experience with any variation of the iSportsmanX service. Feedback can be submitted through this survey, and interested parties can also sign up to receive email notifications about the development process.

About iSportsman: iSportsman is the nation’s leading recreation program management solution, serving as the enterprise-grade provider for the US Army, Air Force, Hunting, Fishing, and Firewood permit sales programs. Guard and Security Services. US Fish and Wildlife iSportsman has provided SaaS and custom solutions to meet the needs of large-scale recreational programs for over 12 years and currently manages permit sales, access control, reporting and plus for more than 10.6 million acres of forests, fields, trails and waterways worldwide. the continental United States, Alaska and Hawaii. Visit for more information.