The highly anticipated SPYPOINT FLEX-S is now arriving at North American retailers. SPYPOINT was the first trail camera company to offer the convenience and ease of an integrated solar panel to trail camera users, and FLEX-S has taken that technology and further refined it to be more efficient and powerful. never.

In addition to the integrated solar panel, the FLEX-S also offers users the option to choose to operate in Snapshot Mode, allowing you to request a photo or video preview from the camera at that moment.

“The FLEX-S has a lot of excitement around it. Our customers started asking for it as soon as we launched FLEX last year, and we listened,” said Jean-Francois Boyer, Vice President of Marketing for SPYPOINT. “As much as customers have been looking forward to the FLEX-S, we only expect that to intensify with the news that the FLEX-S will make use of Instant Mode technology to allow a hunter to request a photo or video preview, depending of what you do mode the camera is in when the request is made. The FLEX series of cameras has already become a favorite, but the FLEX-S, with all-season battery life and on-demand capabilities, really takes performance to the next level,” he concluded.

SPYPOINT trail cameras are available at thousands of locations across the country.

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