New Dog Park Silverton Park Toms River New Jersey

Isn’t this PAWsome?

Get ready for many more dog puns to come.

Why? Because I have good news for Ocean County dog ​​owners.

Dogs at Coindre Hall

fake images

According to shorebeat.comA new dog park is coming to Toms River!

The canine-friendly area will be built on the existing Silverton Park.

Just like any other dog park, all canines that use it must be licensed.

Over $240,000 has been approved for construction, which means many new amenities are on the way. That’s it bark incredible.

Officials are already promising that the area will be fenced off with 4- and 10-foot vinyl fencing. As the owner of a dog that can jump high, these fences are highly appreciated.

This photo wasn’t taken at a dog park, but it’s too cute not to include. This is my sister’s dog, Butterscotch.


The dog park will also come with concrete-anchored benches, a walking trail, a pet waste station, new landscaping, and additional handicap spots will be added near the dog park for people with disabilities.

There will also be wastebaskets and bins. (Thanks god)

According to“The construction of the park will take a maximum of 60 days to complete once the contracts have been signed.”

That’s not too rough.


But sign the contracts! What the hell are you waiting for?!

I can’t wait to bring my dog ​​Carolina to this new park. She loves to run and play fetch she is the absolute favorite of hers.

PS It’s bath time.


Then we’ll end the day by bringing you a puppaccino on the way home.


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