New Content Added to Federal’s 100 Years Celebration Website: New Ammo on Old Machines and Federal Families

As part of its 100 year anniversary celebration, Federal Ammunition presents monthly online content celebrating Federal’s rich history. The month of August highlights the Federal restoration of vintage loading machines to increase production and the legacy family of Federal ammunition. Content can be found on the 100 Year Anniversary website: A Century Of Authority (

The article titled “New Ammunition From Old Machines” shows the ingenuity and inventiveness of federal employees. To meet the growing demand for ammunition, Federal was able to refurbish and refurbish several retired loading machines. Bringing these machines back to life was no easy task, but it shows the talent and skills of the employees.

“Demand for ammunition is high and Federal is doing everything it can to meet demand,” said Erik Carlson, senior director of ammunition operations for Federal. “The fact that federal employees were able to fix old loading machines, make replacement parts for them, and get them back up and running again is really amazing.”

The article titled “Families of Federal” shares the stories of the legacy families within Federal Munitions. Being based in Anoka, Minnesota, for decades has allowed Federal Ammunition to be an important part of the community. The generations of area residents who have been federal employees have had a great impact on the company’s success.

“Something special about Federal Mmunition is the people who have worked here for decades and the families who have generations that have been a proud part of the Federal family,” continued Carlson. “Generations of employees show how much working for Federal means to these families and how much we appreciate all of our employees.”

Each month through the end of 2022, Federal Ammunition will upload additional content focused on the rich history of this American ammunition company. In addition to monthly online content, Federal Ammunition has launched a 244-page book that preserves the company’s history: Buy Federal The First 100 Years for $59.99 | Federal Ammunition (

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