NEW Book Launch: “100 Years of Excellence” Easton’s Century-long History of Archery

100 years ago, Doug Easton started a company that became the world’s leading and most innovative archery manufacturer. 100 years of excellence recounts Easton’s role in the modern rise of archery and his vital part in developing equipment for team sports. With an enormous impact on archery, hockey, baseball, and many other sports and industries, the book follows the story of one American family, the power of entrepreneurship, the drama of business successes and failures, and the application of sheer genius to solve seemingly insurmountable problems. challenges

A compelling story that’s been a century in the making is finally here: the definitive story of a company that changed the world of archery and many other sports. 100 years of excellence It’s over 200 hardcover pages packed with facts and photos from the history of the sport. A perfect gift for any archery or sports enthusiast.

100 Years of Excellence: The Story of Easton’s First Century in Sports is available now, exclusively at