Natchez Shooters Supplies is now Natchez Shooting & Outdoors

Chattanooga, Tennessee (January 2023) – Natchez Shooters Supplies, an online retailer specializing in shooting, hunting, fishing, hiking, camping, and outdoor supplies, announces that it has changed its name to Natchez Shooting & Outdoors. After more than 40 years as an online retailer for shooting sports enthusiasts, Natchez has been expanding its product line to meet its customers’ other adventurous outdoor hobbies, including fishing, hiking, camping and more. . The new name reflects Natchez’s expanded offering that gives customers more of what they need for their next adventure at the competitive prices they’ve always known. This new message will be delivered through its updated website and marketing materials, including its new logo, which encompasses the message of finding your true north and navigating all that the great outdoors has to offer.

“Natchez may be four decades old, but we’ve never rested on our laurels,” said Natchez Chief Marketing Officer Tommy Hamn. “Our customers’ choice of outdoor activities is evolving and expanding, and we must evolve and expand with them to meet their needs. Our brand update reflects the interest of our expanding customer base while honoring and supporting our existing customers’ passion for shooting sports.”

The new Natchez logo brings together shooting and outdoor enthusiasts with the iconic True North brand and compass reference. True North talks about a person’s character, what drives them and how they treat others; it is your internal compass. The compass also represents the idea of ​​navigating outdoor adventures and guiding your customers on the right path to ensure they have everything they need for their chosen outdoor activity. This symbology resonates with the Natchez brand because it also speaks to the company’s core values ​​of doing what it says it will do, being responsible and respectful, and always being customer focused.

“With a strong sense of legacy and heritage, we value our customers and employees like family. Our new logo embraces our true north: doing what’s right for our customers, while also reflecting our company’s trajectory forward. That track record includes our expanding category offerings to provide more products to our customers, expanding our 40,000-square-foot warehouse into our existing space to accommodate more of the adventurous outdoor brands and products our customers want, and expanding our sales team to provide an ever-improving customer experience,” Hamn continued.

In addition to the new logo, the Natchez website has also been updated to reflect its expanded categories that include more products for shooting, hunting, fishing, hiking, camping, and other outdoor adventure activities. Customers will be delighted to see more lifestyle images on the website, along with a focus on products, themes and outdoor seasons within the banners of the website. Without compromise, Natchez will continue to provide great savings and deals on shooter supplies that their customers have come to value and expect.

Founded in 1979, Natchez remains family-owned and customer-focused, with the second generation of family members leading the charge. Their mission is to empower their customers’ pursuit of outdoor passions and safety by equipping them with a wide variety of competitively priced hunting, shooting, fishing, hiking, camping, and outdoor sports supplies. through an easy, informed and friendly shopping experience. backed by a team of shooting and outdoor enthusiasts. Natchez’s goal is to offer superior value and exceed the expectations of its customers.

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About Natchez Shooting & Outdoors:

At Natchez Shooting & Outdoors, we are passionate about getting our customers outdoors. For over forty years, our goal has been to empower your pursuit of your outdoor passions and safety by providing you with the best gear for your outdoor adventures. Through our wide variety of competitively priced hunting, shooting, fishing, hiking, camping, and outdoor sports supplies, you’ll find what you need to stay on course, explore new terrain, and ultimately love what you need. what does.

Our easy and friendly shopping experience, backed by our expert team of outdoor and shooting enthusiasts, will help you get out and explore your next horizon. Simply put, our outdoor selection will feel like a breath of fresh air.