MYSTERY RANCH Debuts “Going Home,” A Film Focused On Reconnecting With One Of The Many Reasons We Hunt

MYSTERY RANCH, an industry leading backpack company dedicated to manufacturing mission specific backpacks, is proud to announce the launch of “Going Home”. This latest film from MYSTERY RANCH and Still Crazy Productions takes us into the whitetail forest to detail one’s past and present as a hunter.

In the film, MYSTERY RANCH’s Chris Nolan takes the new TREEHOUSE 38 pack on a whitetail hunting trip to reconnect with the people and terrain that sparked his interest in hunting over 25 years ago. “Going Home” documents Chris’s journey back to visit his family in Michigan and relive his childhood roots that created a passion for whitetail hunting that still burns within him today.

“For as long as I can remember, hunting has always been a part of my family,” said Chris. “Some of my earliest memories center around hunting in these lands. Shooting traditional bows with my brother in our backyard and moments of pride after shooting our first deer.”

“Going Home” is a movie that will resonate with many a hunter. Many of us have an education and a memory bank full of hunting gear that has shaped our passion for the great outdoors. This is the story of that trip.

“Growing up, most of my best memories and life lessons centered around hunting and every step of the way.” said Christine Eckert Senior Brand Manager at MYSTERY RANCH. “To this day, the tradition of harvesting our wild meat has continued through the next generation with my own family. Watching this story unfold, it captures the thoughtful processes we have as hunters and evokes feelings of camaraderie with family and friends over the years, something that is priceless, and can continue generation after generation.”

As fall arrives and various hunting seasons begin, take the time to watch “Going Home”, and no matter what or who you are, remember the reasons and the people who got you involved in hunting.


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