Mules, Squirrels, Archery, Family: The Story of an Arkansas Renaissance Man

First Lite’s latest film features Clay Newcomb, an Arkansas resident with a talent pool ranging from fighting mules to running a bear hunting publication.

The hunting world often skews towards the West in terms of images and stories. In a refreshing twist, First Lite’s “Newcomb” sheds light on Northwest Arkansas, where a guy named Clay Newcomb calls the Ozarks home with his family.

This 11-minute film highlights some of the parts that make up the whole of Newcomb. From his beginnings with mules to his acquisition of Bear Hunting magazine, the story offers a light-hearted glimpse of a life complete, albeit specialized in squirrel hunting.

And it’s healthy. I like it, Really healthy. Newcomb’s dedication to family first is a compelling highlight of the short film.

Watch the feel-good short film above or on the First Lite YouTube channel.

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By Nicole Qualtieri

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