MOUSE OVER!!! – Montana Hunting and Fishing Information

Is it me or are your more Mouse About? Mice seem to be everywhere. They have invaded my garage, under my kitchen sink, in my conservatory, and under furniture. Mice are true Ninjas!

Little furry friends ate my garage door seal to get into the garage. Those in the house may have entered through the dryer vent. I have since modified the vent with a screen. During a kitchen remodel, mice seem to have gotten into an area under my sink. I also covered that little hole.

When I see evidence of mice, it’s usually tiny droppings or chewing debris. I have been saving sunflower and other seeds for next year in the greenhouse. Today I saw remains of my eaten seeds. The mice must now fly through the air to get to my seed stock, and instead they can chew on a pet- and people-friendly mouse poison.

Mice transmit diseases. These diseases are spread through urine, droppings, saliva, handling, and bites. Common diseases are plaque, leptospirosis, Hunta virus, and lymphocytic choriomeningitis. Everything can be fatal. Mice also carry fleas, ticks, and mites that also carry disease. Moored boats require a shield attached to the mooring lines to keep mice out of the boat. Gear boxes in the shed can also have mice when you take them out to your boat or RV.

When mice chew through wiring, they can start a fire or ruin the electricity in your home. Make sure your RVs, boats, and wheeled vehicles have mouse protection around them. Mice will quickly make a home out of the foam seats, any cloth or clothing, and the wiring harnesses. 

If mice are getting into your house, they will follow things that mice eat. Watch for snakes and other predatory rodents. If mice can get into your house, so can rats, chipmunks, squirrels and… I guess cats can help, but I’ve never had a cat. I have seen my dogs see a mouse run right in front of them.

The heater vents contain the perfect fluff for Mickey and Minnie to build a nest. This is also a perfect wood for the fire. If you have rope or other material stashed away, this too can end up getting ruined. My son had an old truck seat in storage eaten up by mice. The wiring under the hood also took a beating.

Traps can certainly help catch problem mice. The old spring type works great if mice trip over them. Stinkers have the ability to lick up all the peanut butter without letting go of the trigger. They then leave small droppings around the trap to tease you.

I have seen water traps that use a bucket half full of water. A ramp goes up the bucket and the bait invites the mice up a collapsing ramp. This suffocates the mice and contains the stench. Poison-killed mice die where they land and can stink up the house.

Safe mousetrap is a sticky pad. Place these pads along areas where mice travel. Check them daily. If the mouse hits the pad, they are done. 

Now I know that some people think that mice are cute, furry, and may need to be caught and released. Your house, your rules. For these people, try subduing with an ultrasonic sound. Manufacturers claim that mice will be out of your house within 48 hours. Just make sure you find the mouse highways. 

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