Missouri hunters kill nearly 500 squirrels, arrested for ‘going over the gross limit,’ authorities say

by: Joe MillitzerNexstar Media Cable



Missouri Department of Conservation image

ELLINGTON, Mo. (KTVI) – A group of hunters accused of killing nearly 500 squirrels in Missouri is headed to court to face a judge.

The 16 hunters face accusations of hunting 151 squirrels over the limit in the Current River Conservation Area after an informant told Missouri Department of Conservation agents about the group. The department called it a “gross squirrel limit.”

Over two days, the squirrel hunters, who were not from the area, killed 471 squirrels, violating Missouri rules, which allow no more than 20 squirrels in any two days. All game must also be separate and identifiable to each hunter.

An image of the bust posted Tuesday on Facebook shows scores of hairless squirrels. The bodies appear to have been charred by a fire. It is still unclear what the hunters were going to do with their catch.

All hunters were cited for possession for having squirrels in numbers over the limit, and warnings were issued for failing to keep wildlife separate and identifiable.