Minnesota, Wisconsin fall hunting seasons set for 2022 – Duluth News Tribune

Summer has finally arrived after a cold spring, but it won’t be long until many northerners are thinking about fall hunting seasons.

With some seasons just nine weeks away, the News Tribune is releasing its annual list of the most 2022 Minnesota and Wisconsin hunting seasons for planning purposes. We’ve also included a couple from the Dakotas.

So go grab some clay pigeons and aim loads and practice. Fall will be here before you know it.

Minnesota 2022 hunting seasons

August 1 — Deadline to purchase a bear permit.

August 12: Bear baiting begins.

September 1-November 29 — Mourning Dove.

September 1-October 31 – Raven.

September 1-October 16 — Bear.

September 3-7: Ducks, teal only, statewide (tentative).

September 8 — Application deadline for special hunting permit and antlerless deer permit.

September 3-18: Early Canada Goose (tentative).

September 10 and 11 — Juvenile waterfowl hunt.

Sept. 17-Jan. 1 – ruffed grouse.

hunter with woodcock
Woodcock hunting season begins on September 24 in Minnesota and Wisconsin this year.

Steve Kuchera / Archive 2020 / Duluth News Tribune

September 17-Dec. 31 — Deer, archery.

September 17-October 24 – Sandhill Crane, Northwest area only.

September 17-November 30 — Sharp-tailed Grouse, Northwest Zone only.

September 17-February 28 — Squirrel and rabbit, including snowshoe hares.

September 24-November 8 — Woodcock.

September 24-November 23 — Ducks, north zone.

September 24-Dec. 26 — Geese, north zone.

September 24-October 3 — Ducks, central zone.

September 24-October 3 — Patos, southern zone.

October 1 to 30: Turkey.

Oct. 8-Nov. 27 — Ducks, central zone, second season.

Oct. 15-Dec. 25 — Ducks, south zone, second season.

Oct. 15-Jan. 1 — Pheasant, statewide.

October 20-23 — School holidays in Minnesota.

Oct. 20-23: Gun Deer, youth only (ages 10-17), statewide.

October 15 to March 15: fox and raccoon.

November 5-20: Deer, firearms, areas numbered 100.

November 5-13: Deer, Firearms, Areas numbered 200 and 300.

Nov. 27-29: Deer, Firearms, 300 Numbered Permit Areas, Second Season.

Nov 26-Dec 11 — Deer, muzzleloaders, statewide.

For more information, consult a free hunting/trapping regulations brochure available where licenses are sold or visit www.dnr.state.mn.us/hunting/seasons.html and click on the species of interest.

wisconsin deer hunting
A lucky hunter trails a deer near Brule, Wisconsin. Most of the 2022 fall hunting seasons have already been set.

Steve Kuchera / Archive 2019 / Duluth News Tribune

Wisconsin Hunting Seasons 2022

September 1-November 29 — Mourning Dove.

September 1-9: Early season teal only.

September 1-15: Early goose, statewide.

September 7-October 11 — Bear (dates vary by bait and dog usage and by area).

September 16-Dec. 16 — Goose, north zone.

September 17-18 – Statewide Juvenile Waterfowl Hunt.

Sept. 17-Jan. 8 — Deer, archery and crossbow.

Sept. 17-Jan. 8 – Ruffed Grouse, Northern Zone (northern two-thirds of the state).

September 17-Dec. 31 — Turkey, zones 1-5.

September 17-November 18 — Turkey, zones 6-7.

September 17-November 20 – Raven.

September 17-February 28 — Rabbits, North Zone (no seasonal restrictions or limits on hares).

September 17-February 28 — Squirrel.

September 24-November 7 — Woodcock.

September 24-November 22 — Ducks, north zone.

Oct. 8-9: Youth-Only Gun Deer Statewide.

Oct. 15-Jan. 8 — Pheasant, throughout the state.

October 15-February 15 — Fox and coyote.

labrador retriever with pheasant
The fall hunting seasons are just around the corner and the dates for most seasons have already been set.

John Myers / Archive 2018 / Duluth News Tribune

Nov. 19-27: Deer, Guns, Statewide.

Nov 28-Dec 7 — Deer, muzzleloader, statewide.

December 8-11: Deer, antlerless only, statewide.

December 10: Deadline to apply for spring 2022 turkey and bear permits.

For more information, consult a state hunting/trapping regulation brochure available for free where licenses are sold or visit dnr.wisconsin.gov/topic/hunt/dates.html and click on the species of interest.

Oct. 1-Dec. 4 — Nonresident Ducks and Geese (tentative) for nonresidents (eastern geese zone ends Dec. 18).

Oct. 8-Jan. 1 — Pheasant (provisional).

Oct. 15-Jan. 31 – Pheasant.