Michigan hunters thought they shot deer, squirrels, hit other hunters


October 20, Bay County — Duck hunter, 10, with two others; victim, 39 years old. State Comment: “Three subjects hunting waterfowl together. Shooter to the left, victim in the middle. The shooter turned to the right to shoot at a flock of ducks at the same time the victim got to his feet. The victim was hit in the back of the head.” Result: Death, hunting companion.

November 16, Mecosta County — Deer hunter, age 23, with rifle. The age of the victim is not available. Status comment: “Shooter on a deer drive with other hunters, he shoots a running deer. The victim, who (was) sitting on a blind spot a couple of hundred meters away, was shot in the head. Victim not wearing orange hunter”. Result: Death, nearby hunter.

November 17, Iron County — Deer hunter, 35, using a rifle; victim, 41 years old. Status Comment: “The shooter shot at a white spot in heavy cover thinking he was a wounded deer, striking the victim in the arm and chest.” Result: Death, nearby hunter.


September 9, Livingston County — Son, 6, father shot, 32, after squirrel hunting. State Comment: “The victim took her 6 year old son to hunt a squirrel. After the hunt, the victim advised her son to unload the rifle while turning his back on her. The firearm discharged, hitting the father in the right calf and shattering his tibia. The victim did not have the necessary license to be a mentor.” Result: Injury, hunting partner.

September 20, St. Clair County — Coyote hunter, 24, with rifle; victim, 17 years old. State Comment: “The shooter was hunting coyotes and saw what he believed to be a raccoon 181 yards away at the base of a tree. The shooter took one shot and hit the victim in the head.” Result: death, victim misidentified as a raccoon.

November 17, Genesee County — Deer hunter, age 59, with shotgun. State Comment: “The victim was climbing the tower to the hideout with no harness or line of fire. He realized his thumb wasn’t where it was supposed to be and he wasn’t sure if the safety was on or off. firearm fired”. Result: self-inflicted injury, amputated hand.


September 21, St. Clair County — Boy, 12 years old, hunting deer with a shotgun; victim, also 12. State Comment: “The shooter shot a deer in a field. His shot went high and he traveled past the deer and the field hitting a chicken coop that was out of sight. The victim was standing next to the chicken coop and was hit in the arm by the impact of the bullet against the wooden chicken coop.” Result: No nearby hunter injured.

November 15, Hillsdale County — Deer hunter, 47, with crossbow. State Comment: “The subject fell asleep with the crossbow resting between his legs and with his finger on the trigger guard. Unloaded crossbow striking subject in the foot and through him.” Result: self-inflicted injury.


November 25, Oakland County — Deer hunter, 64, with shotgun; victim, 34 years old. State Comment: “Subject lost sight of a deer, saw movement and thought it was the deer then shot it. One of the pellets hit the victim in the hip, who was walking along a path. Result: Injury, victim misidentified as deer.


Jan. 25, Sanilac County — Rabbit hunters, it is not clear who shot; victim, 61 years old. State Comment: “The victim was at her residence watching friends and family hunt in the yard when all the hunters shot a blushing rabbit. A bullet went through the window and hit the victim in the wrist, exiting through a finger. Result: Injury, the victim was not a hunter in her home.

May 7, Crawford County — Turkey hunter, 39, with shotgun; Victim, age 59, also turkey hunting. State Comment: “The shooter mistakenly picked up the movements of the victim and the turkey asking for a turkey. The shooter shot the victim, hitting him in the leg, abdomen, and hand.” Result: Injuries, the victim was a nearby hunter.


September 1st, Muskegon County — The hunters fired shotguns at the geese; Victim, 59, driving by. State Comment: “Several hunters were out hunting geese when they began shooting at an approaching flock. The pellets from one of the shooters entered through the window of a passing vehicle, hitting the driver in the face and neck.” Result: Injury, driver overtaking.

November 26, Branch County — Deer hunter, 18, muzzleloader; Victim, 71 years old, hunting nearby. State Comment: “The shooter attempted to shoot a deer, but missed. The projectile proceeded to travel before entering a closed shutter, striking the victim in the chest. Victim out of sight of shooter.” Result: death, the victim was a nearby hunter.


18th of February, Oceania County — Squirrel hunter, 62, with rifle; victim, 13 years old. State Comment: “The shooter shot a squirrel in a tree near the victim and the projectile ricocheted off the tree and struck the victim in the head.” Result: Death, it is not clear if the victim was hunting.

November 18th, County Roscommon — Deer hunter, age 32, with gun. State Comment: “The victim fell asleep blindly with a gun in his hand. The victim was startled when his cell phone rang. At that point, the victim pulled the trigger, discharging the firearm into the victim’s leg.” Result: self-inflicted injury.


July 11, Branch County — Raccoon hunter, 80, with rifle; victim, 57 years old. State Comment: “The victim was lying in a soybean field, dressed in camouflage clothing. The shooter mistook the victim’s head movement for a raccoon and shot him. Not identifying the target. Result: Injury to person mistaken for a raccoon.

16 of September, Allegan County — Squirrel Hunter, 71 with a shotgun; Victim, 57 years old, fellow hunter. State Comment: “While he was hunting a squirrel, the shooter shot what was thought to be a squirrel, but it turned out to be the hunting partner.” Result: injury to hunting partner.