Members of Fiocchi’s Pro Team Win Big at Missouri State Shoot

Fiocchi, the world leader in defensive, target shooting and hunting ammunition, congratulates Fiocchi pro team members Shelby Skaggs and Shay Skaggs on their victories at the Missouri State Trap Shoot in Linn Creek, MO.

Shelby was an absolute powerhouse throughout the tournament winning Prelim: Event 7- 2nd place, Event 9- 1st place, Event 10- 1st place, Event 11- 3rd place, Event 12- 1st place, Event 13- 1st place and Event 15 – 2nd place positioning her for the championship. Shelby won Event 16- 1st place, Event 17- 1st place, HOA- 1st place and HAA- 2nd place.

Shay was a strong force throughout the tournament winning Prelim: Event 7-1street place, Event 8- 2North Dakota place. In event 16 Shay won 4he place for the championship race.

Holly Hammond, Fiocchi Marketing Manager, said: “Shelby and Shay’s exceptional performance is a clear indication of their remarkable skills and unwavering dedication to the sport. We are honored to have them as part of the Fiocchi Pro Team.”

Fiocchi has long been at the forefront of competitive shooting, and the company is dedicated to providing its brand ambassadors and professional shooters with the most reliable and accurate ammunition available.

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