MeatEater’s Land Access Initiative Wants Your Public Access Ideas

If you’re new to hunting and fishing, the number one problem you’ll run into is this: Where are you going? Finding a place is often one of the most difficult factors. If you’ve been hunting and fishing for decades, you’ve seen access come and go, and chances are if there was only one thing you could do for the great outdoors, it would be to get more out of it.

This is your chance. The MeatEater Land Access Initiative is designed to bring the hunting and fishing community together, raise money and create opportunities to provide new access to public lands, which means more opportunities to hunt and fish.

The Access to Land Initiative was born in 2020, and with your help we successfully raised over $70,000, enough to preserve a piece of Wild America for all to enjoy. Shiloh Pond in Kingsfield, Maine is now open to the public forever.

In 2021 we wanted to do more, so we launched the MeatEater rarities auction house to further our fundraising goals. We’re auctioning off some truly unique gear, artwork, and other gems from the MeatEater team, our friends, and the extended MeatEater family. We ended 2021 on a high note as we surpassed our previous fundraising efforts. Now, the Access to Land Initiative is ready to ride again, to say thank you to all of our viewers, listeners, readers, and everyone who works with or appreciates wild places.

So welcome, buckle up and let’s look for a new project for 2022. No matter how big or small, if you submit a property, parcel or project, as long as it provides more public access to an area that needs it, we’ll keep it in mind. .

Without property submissions from people in the field, projects like Shiloh Pond would not be possible. Click here to submit a project in your area that needs funding and is directly related to public access. Whether it’s a creek or crater, a boat launch or river access, an ATV trail, or an easement for pedestrian traffic only through an HOA-governed condominium development blocking Forest Service land, we want to work with you. Let’s make it happen again and build more access to hunting and fishing in 2022.