MeatEater has a new weekly podcast!

Almost a year ago, we featured MeatEater Trivia in a podcast episode as a new segment. Then at Christmas we launched our first show dedicated to the concept. Since then, we’ve released new episodes of MeatEater Trivia on and off whenever we could get the team together. And through your support and feedback, we decided to make it even bigger.

That brings us to today’s announcement: MeatEater Trivia is now a weekly podcast!

So what does that mean? Well, until I run out of questions about hunting, fishing, conservation, and cooking, we’re releasing new episodes of MeatEater Trivia on the MeatEater Podcast feed. If you’re already a MeatEater subscriber, you’ll get those new episodes every Wednesday. And if you’re not, hit the “follow” button on iHeart, iTunes, Spotify, or wherever you get your podcasts.

But for this to work, I’m going to need your help. So here’s my plea: If you have a question that you think is suitable for MeatEater Trivia, please send it to Every message you send is greatly appreciated and keeps this podcast going.

We have big plans for the show that include giving listeners the chance to compete against the team, sending prizes to those who submit questions, and creating a MeatEater Trivia-inspired board game. More on that later, for now you should go listen to the latest episode which features special guest Dustin Huff.

Thanks again for listening to the only game show where conservation always wins. Game, fools!