Maximize Hunting Gear Performance with Scent Thief Laundry Detergent

Any amount of time in the woods is tough on the team. With modern fabrics commanding high prices, it’s important to protect yourself for seasons to come. To improve the entire odor control system, Scent Thief® developed a laundry detergent that cleans hunting gear and maximizes performance.

Many technical hunting fabrics start to sacrifice performance after heavy use. To fix this, a product was needed that would clean fabrics without leaving a scent that deer could detect. The answer was Scent Thief’s patented “No Odor” technology. Unlike traditional odorless laundry detergents, Scent Thief’s detergent is designed to be smelled by deer. The unique formula temporarily disables a deer’s sense of smell instead of using chemicals to mask human scent. Washing clothes with this detergent before a hunt is not a mistake!

The result is a product that gives hunters the advantage in all conditions, including strong and swirling winds. Scent Thief Laundry Detergent is phosphate-free and safe for technical fibers, carbon and wool garments. The detergent is safe for the skin and the environment. Clothes will last for their intended use, as Scent Thief’s laundry detergent will not compromise the life of your hunting clothes.

Scent Thief Laundry Detergent is available in a 32 oz container and is recommended for use with the rest of the Scent Thief product line. Go unnoticed in the woods while keeping your base layers and camo clean!

Scent Thief Laundry Detergent Features:

  • without phosphates
  • Features patented “No Odor” technology
  • Ingredients are safe for skin, clothing, and the environment.
  • Combine with the complete Scent Thief line for complete coverage

Scent Thief Laundry Detergent Specifications:

About Scent Thief

Scent Thief is a double patented formula that eliminates an animal’s ability to smell without using enzymes, masking scents, chemicals or ozone. With over 20 years of research and field testing, Scent Thief effectively keeps hunters in the game. Scent Thief addresses the problem of human odor differently than its competitors by targeting the area of ​​the nose responsible for smell. By concentrating on this area of ​​the nose and relaxing it, Scent Thief blocks the signal that triggers danger in any animal with a sense of smell. Made in EE.UU.

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