Marvel characters breaking the fourth wall

In many ways, Spider-Man is perhaps the most iconic superhero in the entire Marvel Universe. He has always possessed a wry and self-effacing sense of humor that is perfectly suited to his less conventional outlook on the world. While certainly not on the same level as, say, She-Hulk or Deadpool, Spider-Man has shown his own more subtle fourth-wall-breaking moments throughout his extensive comics history. With the friendly neighborhood superhero often dishing out impromptu jokes at a mile a minute, some of these passing jokes contain a conscious wink for the reader.

Spider-Man has a tendency to break the fourth wall when he comments on the correct spelling of his name. Whenever a character forgets to include the hyphen in “Spider-Man”, Web-Slinger quickly corrects it after noticing the omission of metatextual spelling. The first example of this appeared in Stan Lee and Steve Ditko’s THE AMAZING SPIDER-MAN (1963) #19. While not as devastating as calling the creative team or acknowledging his existence within a comic, Spider-Man’s sense of humor occasionally extends into the realm of self-awareness, for which he gets an honorable mention in she is ready.

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