Maine Fall 2022 Turkey Hunting Season Begins

Young hunters got off to a good start over the weekend, now the fall turkey season is underway for everyone.

The Maine Fall Turkey Hunt is underway. The season opened to everyone on Monday, September 19. During the fall season, hunters can take turkeys of any gender or age. In some ADMs, up to five turkeys can be harvested during the season. A hunter may catch only one turkey in WMDs 6-8, 10-14, 18, 19, 27, and 29.

Season bag limits per WMD:

  • Five turkeys – 15-17, 20-25.
  • Three turkeys – 26.
  • A turkey: 6-8,10-14, 18, 19, 27 and 29.
  • Closed for turkey hunting: 1-5 and 9.

Paul WolfeTownsquare Media

Paul WolfeTownsquare Media

Last year, the Maine Interior Department of Fish and Wildlife made changes to the tagging and registration requirements for harvested turkeys. Now, hunted fall turkeys do not need to be tagged or registered for transportation. harvested spring turkeys they are still required to be fully labeled and registered.

With a valid Maine big game or small game license, turkey hunters can purchase a wild turkey hunting permit for $20 for residents and non-residents. This permit allows turkey hunters to take up to two bearded wild turkeys in the spring and additional turkeys of either sex in the fall.

New to hunting? Wild turkey is the perfect hunt for beginners. The mild temperatures of late summer and early fall, the thrill of calling a long-bearded tom, and the abundant turkey population in much of the state make for an exciting experience. Check out our “Beginner’s Guide to Hunting Maine Wild Turkey” below.

Beginner’s Guide to Maine Wild Turkey Hunting

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