Lounge around and set up anywhere in any Tom with The Bull Lounger Turkey Vest

Finding the perfect area to set can sometimes be challenging when looking for a long beard. The Nomad Bull Lounger Turkey Vest makes hunting more efficient by allowing hunters to focus more on finding the birds and less on finding the perfect spot to position themselves.

The Bull Lounger is equipped with a strong aluminum frame design, allowing hunters to sit upright comfortably without the need for a specific tree to stand on during a hunt. All turkey hunters understand that minutes can feel like hours in the woods when you sit and wait for a gobbler to show his face. The removable double high-density foam seat cushion allows hunters to stay comfortable while hunting. Plus, the seat has magnetic attachments and an adjustable handle, making quick moves through the woods and getting into the perfect position possible when it’s time to go. The fourteen adjustment points available on the vest make it one size fits all for maximum comfort.

A long list of equipment can be effortlessly brought on a turkey hunt with the Bull Lounger. The vest has twenty-eight general and specialized pockets in total. Hunters will have optimal storage for all gear, from calls to lures. The vest has specific call pocket designs for secure protection as there are rigid foam protected friction call pockets and mesh pockets for a hunter’s favorite muzzle calls. There are even internal dual-zip pockets inside the vest for striker mounts for those drag calls. Horizontal phone call pockets and a pager sleeve pocket are also available for storage options. The Bull Lounger Turkey Vest comes equipped with an external Thermacell® storage pocket so hunters can keep it rolling by their side during the hunt to fight unwanted bites. Staying hydrated can be crucial during a hot-weather day of hunting, and water bottle pockets keep hydration options close at hand.

On the back of the vest, hunters can use the spacious game bag design to haul a crop out of the woods and back to the hunting camp or truck. The rear game bag also has three internal organization pockets for gear. Hunters can easily slip a foam lure, tail fan, or other collapsible items into one of the bag’s pockets. The Bull Lounger Vest is available in Mossy Oak Original Bottomland® and Nomad exclusive Mossy Oak Shadow Leaf® camo options.

Bull Lounger Turkey Vest:

  • Aluminum frame back design allows hunters to sit upright and rigid without a tree while seated
  • Twenty-eight general and specialist pockets in total
  • Removable dual high-density foam seat cushion with magnetic attachments and seated adjustment handle
  • Thermacell® external pocket
  • 14 adjustment points for a size that fits most customizations
  • Two mesh pockets for mouth calls.
  • Horizontal snare call pocket with adjustable buckle, chalk bag and pager call holster
  • Friction call pockets protected with ribbed foam
  • Double zipped pockets with internal striker holders
  • Large adjustable rear coin pocket with three internal pockets for general organization
  • Water bottle pocket
  • Available in Mossy Oak Original Bottomland and Mossy Oak Shadow Leaf exclusive to NOMAD