Lost your dog? Tips to find and never lose your best friend again

The dog wandered off, and despite your best efforts to find it, it’s apparently gone forever. What is your job? Who can you call for help?

It happened to Billy Kelly in the Westmoreland area recently when he took his dogs for an evening walk. One of them, Milo, wandered off and couldn’t find his way back home. After searching for a few hours that night, the family became very concerned.

They woke up early the next morning to begin their search, he said.

“It was raining pretty hard that day, but we drove through the cornfields and through the woods from dawn to dusk. It was exhausting…” he said, adding that they also put flyers in all the neighbors’ mailboxes to let them know that the dog had disappeared and asking permission to go through his properties to continue the search. They all agreed, she said.

Kelly decided to contact someone who had a deer hunting dog. Her first contact said her dog was excellent at finding deer, but she hadn’t had much success with lost pets, but she recommended Pauline Eggers of Liverpool, who offer a dog tracking service.

It was the best call he could have made, he said.

Pauline brought two German wirehaired dachshunds: Braylee and Bruno.

Mio the dog – photo sent by Billy Kelly

Mio the dog – photo sent by Billy Kelly

Braylee, who is 12 years old, received a dog bed and a blanket that Milo used frequently. “In less than 5 seconds she caught the scent,” and they all left.

The dachshund followed the scent through an area of ​​Route 5, more than a mile from the house, in an area that Kelly hadn’t looked for because she didn’t think the dog had wandered in that direction and across the street. street.

Braylee eventually lost the trail, but Kelly and his wife had new hope and decided to expand their search area. After making more flyers, they widened their search area and went around neighborhoods to place those flyers in mailboxes. It didn’t take long for the pair to see Milo running across an open field!

They found her in an area they never would have searched without the dachshund’s lead, Kelly said.

Lesson learned

Since the lost and found incident, the family has invested in a GPS tracking collar, Kelly said. The one they chose to use may be a bit pricey for some, as Kelly said it was an investment of a couple hundred dollars. But it’s worth it, she said.

He described his two-day search for Milo as an “extreme wandering” through forests and fields in pouring rain.

Mio the dog – photo sent by Billy Kelly

Mio the dog – photo sent by Billy Kelly

“The peace of mind of knowing where Milo is and knowing that we never have to go through that again is worth it,” he told WIBX 950.

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