Lone Wolf showing off DUSK™19 at Silencer Shop’s Pew Party

Lone Wolf is proud to be one of many industry partners attending the Silencer Shop’s Second Annual Pew Party on May 6th.he2023. Attendees of this exclusive event will have the opportunity to test drive Lone Wolf’s newest complete pistol, the DUSK™19, as well as many other Lone Wolf products at the live shooting event at The Bunker. Gun Club in Clermont, Florida. .

The Pew Party is an annual event hosted by the Silencer Shop showcasing some of the best firearms and suppressors in the industry, as well as plenty of prizes and challenges for attendees. Individuals can interact with multiple companies at the firing range and fire a wide variety of weapons, both silenced and unsuppressed.

Lone Wolf has been the original Glock accessory company for over 25 years, and this year is no different as Lone Wolf launches multiple new and innovative next-generation products. Headlining the Lone Wolf Arms additions is the DUSK™19 complete pistol.

Event attendees will appreciate several features, hardware, and design elements that set it up for take-out in 2023 and position it to shine across the range. Examples include a CCS frame with a 19° grip angle to improve aimability, enlarged trigger guard with ergonomic profile to reduce “Glock knuckle”, interchangeable LWA grip textured rear straps, a new dust cover Gen 3/4 compatible, patented trigger and more .

“The DUSK™19 is a joy to photograph and transport,” said Nathan Treadaway, President and CEO. “Our team built every feature possible for this one and it will be shown at Pew Party. This all-round pistol really leads our charge in 2023.”

About the lone wolf arms

Founded in 1998, Lone Wolf Arms has easily established itself as the premier supplier of Glock accessories. Our quality control begins with the quantities of raw material executed in the mill. Our in-house engineers use CAD design that takes advantage of exact CNC tolerance control at all levels of manufacturing. Our dynamic website displays accurate, real-time inventory control, allowing the vast majority of orders to be processed and shipped the same day. Our customers demand premium upgrades that allow them greater performance. For these reasons, Lone Wolf is unquestionably recognized as your best source for reasonably priced parts. For more information, visit www.LoneWolfArms, @lone_wolf_arms on Instagram or @lonewolfdistributors on Facebook.