Liemke Keiler-35 Pro Thermal Monocular Wins Gray’s Best Award

Blaser Group is pleased to announce that its Liemke Thermal Optics division has won the prestigious Gray’s Best Award for its Keiler-35 Pro Thermal Monocular. Liemke thermal devices are at the forefront of technology, and the brand has long been the first choice among European hunters to observe and track animals. The Keiler-35 Pro is intuitive to use and detects heat signatures at distances of up to 1350 yards in all light conditions: night, day, dawn or dusk.

Every year the editors of Gray’s Sports Diary testing new products to determine which ones really stand out as the best in their category. They “select equipment that not only makes a good first impression, but also satisfies during repeated use.” Gray’s Best winners, according to the editors, “not only live up to the claims of their creators, but also have an extra attribute, something extra that triggers a tenor of sentiment, memory, or aesthetic and can be defined only as…. Satisfying.

Here is an excerpt from the Gray’s Sporting Journal 2023 Expeditions and Annual Guides:

“Thermal night vision equipment is not normally considered part of the fair game hunter’s standard equipment, but times change and requirements change with them. One obvious (and perfectly ethical) use is to chase wild hogs, which are not hunted for sport but to reduce their numbers and the damage they cause by (almost) any means possible. Another use is in our now ubiquitous deer stands, normally occupied in the dark before dawn, and later until dusk. For the purposes of observing the movement of animals during those hours of darkness, a thermal night vision monocular is invaluable…”

  • Terry Wieland, photo editor

“We really appreciate the time and effort of the editors of Gray’s Sports Diary take each year to test and evaluate the products,” said Jason Evans, CEO, Blaser Group. “It’s always an honor to win a Gray’s Best, and we look forward to introducing many more exciting Liemke thermal optics in the coming months. Technology and quality continue to improve.” To learn more about Liemke Thermal Optic, visit:

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