Kryptek releases a new Whitetail camo

After releasing the Obskura Transitional Camo pattern in 2021, Kryptek has developed a new Obskura pattern colorway exclusively for whitetail hunters: Skyfall. Effective around the world with multi-environment flexibility, Kryptek Obskura dynamically breaks the wearer’s outline for a lower probability of detection and improves concealment effectiveness at longer ranges with sharper, more well-defined edges that cause abrupt transitions between colors and multi-directional flow.

jacket fallen from the sky

Kryptek Skyfall now provides a specialized silhouette distortion for the dedicated whitetail hunter. Combining Kryptek’s micropatterning with Obskura’s proven tiger stripe technology makes Skyfall effective in close contact environments. When the leaves turn and the temperature drops, Skyfall’s combination of light and shadow offers concealment high up on a support, in a shutter or on a stem.

Skyfall is now available in some of Kryptek’s best-selling early to late season collections like Valhalla, Dalibor, Vellus and Njord, plus rainwear, insulation pieces and accessories.

pants fall from the sky

Each collection features unique Kryptek technologies like Kryptek Cooling, which actively wicks sweat to rapidly evaporate moisture, keeping wearers dry and cool, while X-Static Control eliminates human odors to extend garment life and conceal the smell of the game

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