KOR® Cases, known for inventing and patenting the only universal gun storage insert, the Vacuum Rigid Structure (VRS®), announces a brand ambassador partnership with Kristy Titus and her chase the wild series. KOR Cases builds technologically advanced firearms storage and transport systems for the outdoor enthusiast.

“Kristy brings her passion for the outdoor lifestyle to her audience like no one else,” said GP Searle, founder of KOR Cases. “Her commitment to conservation stewardship and firearms ownership permeates everything she does, and that perspective fits perfectly into the KOR brand mindset. We are thrilled to have Kristy on board as she helps educate the public on KOR’s innovations in safe firearms transportation,” he commented.

According to Searle, “For people who travel the world chasing game, those who shoot competitively, or people who want to keep their prized firearms protected inside their case, keeping rifles and shotguns stable is a priority. Kristy gets in on all of those shooting activities and appreciates how KOR VRS foam replacement technology allows her to convert her existing gun into a universal carry system.”

“I am honored to partner with a brand that recognizes the impact of its product on an entire industry,” Titus said. “I was instantly hooked when I realized I would never have to cut, rip, pay for, dispose of, or store foam again. It’s not often that new technology wows me like KOR’s VRS system did,” he said. “This is really a game changer.”

GP Searle of KOR Cases
with Kristy Titus on the Wild & Uncut podcast

Patented VRS inserts customize gun case interiors by replacing the bottom layer of foam and secure weapons and gear by surrounding and conforming to the contents. It offers a tailor-made, turnkey carry solution for virtually any long gun. And by eliminating the need to cut and store foam inserts, VRS provides a versatile and eco-friendly option in one system.

“We all know that airlines are not kind to our firearm cases, and no one wants to get off a plane only to find out that our firearm or optics were damaged in transit. With the amount of time I spend on the road, whether I’m hunting elk in Wyoming, shooting a PRS game in New Hampshire, or hunting wildlife in Africa, protecting the integrity of my firearm and optics is a top priority. “, said. “By retrofitting my existing case with the VRS insert, I never have to worry about removing my optics, bipods or other accessories, for a custom fit no matter where my adventures take me.”

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Kristy grew up packing and riding mules in the country, experiencing the beauty and thrill of hunting on our public lands. She is a strong voice for American values ​​and tradition. As a Second Amendment advocate, she is a certified firearms instructor, Refusal to Be a Victim instructor, field safety officer, competitive long-range shooter, and avid archer. She is passionate about supporting wildlife and habitat conservation and is dedicated to preserving our hunting traditions.

Kristy produces and hosts chase the wild, a digital TV series on CarbonTV, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and the WildTV app. In her series, Kristy entertains and educates viewers as she shows the relevance of hunting in today’s society, strengthens support for the Second Amendment, and encourages participation in shooting sports. She also produces and hosts the Wild and Uncut Podcast, giving listeners access to behind-the-scenes conversations and unique perspectives with exciting guest appearances recorded during their travels and adventures around the world. In all areas of her life, Kristy advocates for adventure, wildlife and land stewardship, conservation through hunting, the Second Amendment, shooting sports, and our traditional hunting traditions.


KOR Cases develops state-of-the-art technology to solve transportation and storage systems for outdoor lovers. KOR’s patented Vacuum Rigidity Structure (VRS®) provides an environmentally friendly and reusable option for carrying weapons, optics, and equipment. KOR Cases is a proud American small business in Arizona. KOR’s values ​​of integrity, craftsmanship, conservation and education make us different. We donate a percentage of gross sales to wildlife conservation, education, and support for our veterans. KOR is committed to developing and strengthening a community of like-minded, proactive athletes.