Kite Fishing 101 with Tigress Stabilizers and Gear

Kite fishing is gaining popularity in the offshore fishing community as anglers notice the productive results behind a very exciting fishing strategy. Tigress has designed many options to provide anglers with all the equipment they need to be successful trying this method. The kite keeps live baits on the surface of the water, creating a realistic presentation for surface-feeding fish. As anglers unfurl the kites, a large area of ​​the ocean is covered as the baitfish lures the targeted predator to come closer for a quick bite. This technique is best known for catching sailfish. However, kite fishing will attract other species, such as dolphin or mahi-mahi, wahoo, mackerel and tuna.

As an offshore angler, one of the challenges in attracting fish to the spread is rigging and keeping lines from being seen. For example, when trolling tuna, a key element to success is avoiding high visibility lines and avoiding noticeable end gear. However, kite fishing eliminates this problem as this strategy prevents the rig from being in the water and visible to the target fish. The irresistible movement of the bait is all the predators below notice when they look up, searching for their next meal. Kite fishing has given anglers an advantage in the deep blue and provides a unique approach that leads to results in all fisheries, even high pressure fisheries.

Offshore fishing often comes with a wide variety of wind and sea conditions. Just like the traditional kite, the wind will play a role in the kite’s ability to fly. One of the fantastic features of the kites that Tigress offers is that no matter the wind circumstance, multiple kite selections are available and tuned for each type of wind, whether light or strong. The options available are the Specialty Lite Wind Kite, All Purpose Kite and Hi-Velocity Kite. Built to fly in wind speeds of 5 to 15 MPH plus, each design has a strong and reliable structure. Simple adjustments on the Lite Wind Kite allow for reliable flight in 5-10 MPH winds, while the All Purpose Kite is best in 10-15 MPH winds. The Hi-Velocity kite, complete with four holes in the custom fabric, allows the kite to fly on higher speed windy days. Helium balloons play a vital role on almost windless days by keeping the kite in the air and flying properly.

One of the amazing features of Kite Fishing is that it only requires a little extra equipment to get started, which is rare in deep sea fishing. In addition to offshore, inshore anglers also use kites to get their baits past breaking waves and into areas where larger fish like to reside. So even a boat is optional for kite fishing success. Of the necessary equipment, accessories such as release clips are needed. Multiple release clips allow one kite to present multiple baits at different distances. By covering a variety of lengths, anglers can locate themselves in the optimum area in the water column where fish are feeding and focus there. A typical method for kite fishing is by drifting. Fishermen drive the boat over a certain depth of water, watching for bumps along the way. Once a certain depth of water is covered, it’s time to reel in the lines and restart the drift, which can be shorter and over a more focused area.

Rod holders are vital when kite fishing as rods to bait on the same kite need to be grouped together. Tigress offers adapters to expand the rod clearance of existing rod holders, allowing anglers to fish and handle multiple rods side by side. The most common amount of lines fished on a kite is three. However, each kite can fish up to six lines. Braided line connects the kites to the boat, and Tigress offers kite line and braid assemblies in 100, 80, and 50 pound tests and include clips and swivels. Complete mounting kits are also available that include various accessories to complete a kite fishing tool kit.

Tigress is a one stop shop for all your kite fishing gear needs. From kites to rod holders and accessories, anglers can find high-quality gear built to last that also aesthetically matches boats of all varieties. Anyone looking to start kite fishing, this is the perfect place to start.

Since our inception, our mission has been to raise the bar for innovation, quality, ease of use and convenience in the products we offer to the saltwater sport fishing enthusiast.

All aluminum stabilizers are made from cold drawn aluminum for maximum strength and durability. We then use a state-of-the-art anodizing process to protect them and enhance the color. Each accessory is built with the highest quality materials to provide maximum service and life. Tigress uses only 300 series stainless steel or 316 stainless steel in every rod holder and stabilizer mount.

We continue to expand our offering of fine goods and accessories, making the Tigress product line of stabilizers and equipment the standard of quality and excellence.

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