Assegai bass rods appeal to avid bass anglers

Some of the best moments on the water are in a back cove where the lily pads grow and the lunkers are found – the perfect place to make money. Basses are ready to pummel anything thrown at them, especially a realistic frog or worm. Who hasn’t had their heart jump out of their chest when the water exploded and the cane almost slipped out of their hands? FISH IN! Under these conditions, only the best equipment in expert hands will do the job.

It’s experiences like this that make purpose-driven rods shine. With the right tool, bass anglers can fish more effectively while enjoying their angling activities that much more. It’s the reason so many anglers carry multiple rods on their front rig.

KastKing has released a new series of technique specific bass rods to appeal to the bass fishing enthusiast. KastKing’s Assegai Bass rods are where state-of-the-art technology, precision craftsmanship, and thoughtful design converge to provide an unparalleled fishing experience.

“ICAST will be the launch pad for our new Assegai series of Bass rods which we believe will offer the pinnacle of performance in the Bass market. The Assegai series will feature a new patented blank bar that sets a new standard in power, strength, and sensitivity. A new lamination process will deliver increased feel, increased torsional resistance and improved strength, while reducing weight,” said Al Noraker, president of KastKing.

The Assegai Rod Series line includes 15 technique-specific models ranging from 6’4″ to 7’10” in length, spanning 12 casting and 3 spinning styles. Each of the rods in the line provides the serious bass angler with the pinnacle of angling excellence with rods that feature an impressive list of high-end components. “Assegai rods are designed for the way anglers approach today’s most effective fishing methods. All feature premium Fuji K-Frame guides and Fuji reel seats, exceptional cork grips with EVA inlays that enhance feel and comfort, and carbon fiber foregrips and stocks that are both functional and beautiful,” added Noraker. .

KastKing’s proprietary Elite Carbon blanks set new standards in power, strength and sensitivity that form the backbone of the entire Assegai line. With a remarkable modulus of 40 million and a strain rate of 750k, these blanks are infused with nanoresins through a high-pressure lamination process, resulting in a 5% lighter blank, 30% more torsionally resistant and 10% stronger compared to other high performance. -end rod blanks.

Additionally, to ensure a smooth cast and exceptional durability, line control is managed via premium Fuji K-Frame guides with Alconite rings. Fuji TVS spinning or PTS casting reel seats have been selected to provide maximum reel safety, control and performance.

AAA cork shafts, trimmed with a custom EVA insert, offer exceptional feel, durability, and enhanced overall rod beauty. The carbon fiber stock and foregrip not only reduce weight, but improve the overall balance of the Assegai Rod Series.

Finally, details like drop shot-style hooks keep your gear organized and easy to access, saving you time and effort on the water.

Embark on a new era of bass fishing with Assegai bass fishing rods, where cutting-edge technology, precision craftsmanship, and intelligent design converge to provide an unparalleled fishing experience.


  • IM9/40 mil Modulus/750K Yield Rate/4500 Mpa Tensile Strength 6 Coats with Nano Resins
  • Specific technique with designations of new techniques – non-traditional
  • Fuji K-Frame guides with Alconite rings
  • Fuji TVS and PTS reel seats
  • AAA cork handle EVA inlaid handle
  • Carbon combat grip and stock
  • Drop Shot Keeper Hook
  • 15 models – 3 spinning and 11 casting

MSRP: $149.99

Learn more about KastKing’s innovative new products by visiting Post #5108 at ICAST 2023.

For information on KastKing or the new ICAST 2023 products, please contact Dena at dena@kingeiderpr.com.

About KastKing:

Founded in 2013, KastKing had a vision of producing quality products designed by anglers for anglers and delivered directly to the consumer at affordable prices. True to that vision, KastKing products are developed through input from the fishing community and go directly to the manufacturing plant. This reverse formula from manufacturer to consumer introduces cutting edge features into the new products that anglers want and need. The brand has gained popularity with anglers by offering affordable innovation through in-house engineering, allowing KastKing to offer never-before-seen technology at truly extraordinary prices. Ten years later, KastKing’s products have been sold to consumers in more than 150 countries and regions around the world through a variety of supply chains. Originally, KastKing products were only available online, but consumers can now find their favorite products in a growing number of retail stores. To learn more about KastKing and KastKing products, please visit our website at kastking.com or follow us on Instagram, Facebook, TikTok and YouTube.