Journal entries are a valuable tool for nature lovers – Shaw Local

Complete journals can generate some good memories.

I have always kept a diary. Whether fishing, hunting or trapping, it was interesting and enjoyable to see if fish and animals returned to their same haunts each year in a river or lake system. Most of the time they did, and once the outdoor person learned, they stayed pretty much the same in all bodies of water.

I also showed this to the young man. The methods used in hunting and fishing are almost the same. But you never know when things might change. Again, the diary.

I have been contacted by veteran hunters about skinning a beaver, skinning a coyote and skinning an otter. Someone had to show it to me, and this keeps the trapper fraternity going.

To make a standout dog-proof trap, paint a golf ball the color of yellow corn. Place this in a cubicle or pipe. You can then add whatever scent you think you’ll need as an attractant.

Early in squirrel season, mosquitoes can be really bad. I’ve even had them follow me on the boat. Place Vics VapoRub behind the ears. Mosquitoes don’t like the smell, and it will also repel squirrels from a bird feeder.

Try the ice milk carton cooler. Clean empty milk cartons, fill with water and freeze. As the ice melts, the clean water can be used for drinking or cooking. Empty cartons are also great for starting fires.

La Salle County Pheasants Forever

On Sunday 7th August there will be a trap shoot at the Coonan Hunt Club. For the location and times of this event, call Jeff Grubar at 815-488-3545. Write it down, since it’s just over a month away.

hunting report

There are very few mushrooms left in the forest. There are some large asparagus plants. With the mushrooms, we will have to wait until autumn. Have fun fishing until then.

The turkey harvest was good or bad depending on what part of the country it was in.

fishing report

Rivers in the area are beginning to produce catfish in considerable numbers. Cooling lake action is still very good for bluegill catfish and channel catfish. Once again, La Salle is the king of numbers. Wax worms are best for cooling lakes.

Check La Salle lake conditions in advance by calling 815-357-1608.

• Fred Krause is a correspondent for Shaw Media.