Jackson ‘Mighty Mouse’ Wade Noveroske

Jackson “Mighty Mouse” Wade Noveroske blessed this land with his presence at 5:56 a.m. on February 2, 2007, completing his family and joining his parents, William and Hedy Noveroske, older sister Kelsey Salmon (Gabe), older sister little Karrah Bailey and older brother John Noveroske.

Jackson’s passion for fishing began at a very young age and his patience developed some time later. His dad, his brother, Grandpa Corby, uncles Johnny and Jesse, cousins ​​Hayden and Lakin and their dog “Charlie Wiggles” were his favorite fishing buddies. Before sunrise and at all hours of the night, he would fish in the cove behind his house or on the rock ledge behind his grandparents’ house.

Jackson didn’t need to be taught how to fish. He would try everything in his unique and unorthodox bag of tricks to catch a catfish, a bass, a crappie, a windshield wiper or anything that managed to find its way to the end of his line by saying, “I told you so” every time someone questioned their ways of fishing. . His favorite to catch and roll was a big old blue cat. When he wasn’t fishing, the Tree of Life behind Grandpa and Grandma’s house is where you’d find him.

Summer for Jackson meant “Sunrise, sunburn, sunset repeated”!
Jackson loved to do anything outdoors. You would find him climbing trees in the woods or right next to the house, firing his BB gun, bow, or makeshift homemade weapons. Jackson loved sitting in the woods and watching the birds, wildlife, and just being in nature. He developed a passion for hunting squirrels, turkeys, and deer. He got the first turkey and turkey from him last year and he was so proud!

‘Hunting, fishing and loving every day’ pretty much summed up what Jackson was all about. He was passionate and kind and tried to save injured animals that came to his backyard. It didn’t matter if he was a bird, a squirrel, a dog or a cat; he wanted to help her heal. He loved feeding the birds in his backyard, his fish in the family pond, or just sitting on the deck listening to the lobsters, crickets, and watching the fireflies. He was a gentle, kind and loving soul who appreciated everything in God’s creation.

You can always find Jackson barefoot. His family could never understand how a splinter could get through his calloused feet from time to time, because he refused to wear shoes and socks. Running a 3K road race for his Milford elementary school while barefoot was no big deal for him, aside from finishing first. His elementary teachers would reward him with not having to wear his shoes to class instead of a free pencil or candy for those special “gotcha” moments.

Jackson began his love of soccer by watching his dad coach his older brothers. He learned and developed his skills and knowledge for the game with the Milford Parks and Recreational team. Jackson moved up to the travel league at the age of 8 playing for the Flint Hills Stingrays. He continued to play for numerous club teams until 2021 when he played his last soccer game for Danger FC Soccer Club.

It was during his days as a Stingray player that Jackson received his nickname “Mouse”. During one of his many tournament games there were several “Jacksons” on the field. Her mom decided that he needed a nickname so she could tell when she and her family were cheering him on. And because he was quiet and soft-spoken, very quick on and off the field, climbing as high as he could, coupled with the fact that when he got excited, he literally screeched, his mom gave him the nickname, Mouse. His name was “Mighty Mouse.” ” came on November 24, 2020, when Jackson was diagnosed with non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma.

His favorite vacation spot was Florida along the Emerald Coast. She loved spending time at the beach with his whole family and trying to catch fish that he had never caught before. He was adventurous and liked to try new things like skimboarding, crabbing, snorkeling, or just walking the beach looking for things that washed up on shore. He loved watching the dolphins and the spectacular sunsets along the shores.

Jackson loved his grandmother’s homemade porcupine dumplings and chicken and noodles. He couldn’t wait for Grandpa’s ham during the holidays, his dad’s fried rice and his mom’s breakfasts and lasagna were a comfort to him while he was home. His favorite drink was sweet Arizona tea or Arnold Palmer, half tea, half lemonade. Almond Joy, Milky Way and Hershey’s Almond Chocolate were among his favorite chocolate bars. His favorite ice cream was rainbow sherbet. His favorite color was green.

Jackson was a true warrior. He was tough, strong, resilient and capable of dealing with anything that came his way. He was kind and patient with all of his younger cousins ​​and nieces. He absolutely enjoyed the fact that he was Uncle Mouse to his favorite girl, Charlotte Faye. When he couldn’t be home or with another family, he would turn to his Xbox where he could talk and yell and scream and get really excited with his friends and his playmate Jenson playing his Xbox .

Jackson completed his elementary school years as a Milford Laker at Milford Elementary School and continued through his middle school years as a Wildcat from Junction City Middle School. Jackson was going to start his sophomore year as a Blue Jay at Junction City High School and was eager to get back on the football field to play alongside his brother and his friends. His favorite part of the school day…the bell at the end of the day.

Your earthly journey is over, but you have to make an eternal, peaceful and loving journey with the Lord God and all your beloved relatives who came before you. We will truly miss him forever and always in our hearts.

Jackson leaves behind his parents, Bill and Hedy (Richardson) Noveroske, brother John Noveroske, sisters Kelsey Salmon (Gabe) and Karrah Bailey, niece Charlotte Salmon, grandparents Corby and Patricia Wolf, grandmother Chung Cha Savini, uncles Johnny Richardson (Jenny) , Jack Noveroske (Terri) and Jesse Bloomdahl (Melissa), Danny Savini, Aunties Morgan Hansen (Galen), Casie Gorton (Lucas), Lindsey Wilson (Ben), Tara Tidd and Lavinia Galarza (Nelson), Julie Densford (Tom) , Diane Miller (Sean), her cousins, Hayden Wolf, Kennedy and Fallon Bloomdahl, Lakin and Kasyn Hansen, Ryker and Blakely Gorton, Travis, Trista and Trinley Wilson, Brantley and Brecken Tidd, Mariah Cook, Jaralyn Rush, Mason Cook, Lois Ann and Thomas Densford, Kelsey Gries, Leila Galarza. Along with the Davis, Hutchinson, Hill and Phifer family from Tennessee, the Wicklund family, the Einhorn family, the GMO boys, and an amazing young lady who is a bone marrow donor from Jackson (transplant March 9, 2022) and the sweet Mrs. Olive, his transplanted friend and pen pal.

Preceded in death by: Grandpa Joe Shelton Davis, Grandpa Richard J. Noveroske, Grandpa Danny Richardson, Cousins ​​Skyler Gorton, Sonya Kunesh, and Brad Riffle.

Celebration of Life services for Jackson Wade Noveroske will be at 11 a.m., Sunday, September 4, 2022, at the Acorns Convention Center, 3710 Farnum Creek Rd., Milford, KS with Pastor Matt Johnson of First Church Christian as officiant.

Memorial contributions have been designated for Milford Youth Sports and Park, PO Box 16, Milford, KS 66514.