iSportsman to Sponsor YouTuber Mike Rogers on Season-End Mule Deer Hunt

VIRGINIA BEACH, Va. – iSportsman knows that the most important part of getting outdoors is connecting with a like-minded community and pursuing passions that bring personal fulfillment. To celebrate this sentiment, iSportsman will sponsor YouTuber and active duty member Mike Rogers, @TLOMikeRogers, as he embarks on a season-ending mule deer hunt in Arizona from January 13-20.

Mike’s content appeals to his audience due to his caring and down-to-earth nature. A self-described “regular guy,” Mike embarked on his hunting trip just five years ago, and it quickly became his passion. Now, as an avid bow hunter, he takes to the fields whenever he can.

“Hunting filled in that part of me that I had been missing for so long since I joined the Army,” Mike said. But the road to success was not easy.

“I was eating my label for two years,” Mike explained. “There’s so much misleading information about how to get started, you have to filter and make sure you’re listening to the right experts.”

Realizing this gap, Mike began documenting his experiences on YouTube and contributing to the thriving community of military-affiliated outdoorsmen. From basic scouting and hunting explorations to breaking down the details of iSportsman opportunities like the Camp Pendleton lottery draws, Mike aims to create content for people like him.

Mike will continue this effort in Arizona, in an iSportsman sponsored hunt. There, he intends to get up early and trek through the mountains in search of the best vantage point over the vast amount of land to find a deer for him to hunt. Additionally, Mike will share the ways iSportsman has helped him, and others like him, get outdoors.

As an avid iSportsmanGX user, Mike is excited to share what other services iSportsman offers. Like iSportsmanARX, which allows private land owners to have the same security and customizable grounds management services that Department of Defense and Federal lands currently use iSportsmanGX, and iSportsmanX, which is available in its beta stage and will act as a search engine tool to connect military members with outdoor activities. Recreational activities.

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Most importantly, follow Mike through this adventure and all of his @TLOMikeRogers channels on YouTube and Instagram.

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