Introducing the new SAUER 100 rifles with HS precision stocks

JP Sauer and Sohn is pleased to introduce the new SAUER 100 LWT (light) and Pantera XT rifles with HS Precision® stocks. These are the first SAUER rifles available with the technically advanced American-made HS Precision stock that features a 7075 aluminum seat block with Kevlar, fiberglass, and carbon stock for a strong, lightweight build.

The LWT and Pantera XT are designed for hunters and snipers. Accurate, rugged and reliable, these SAUER 100 rifles offer guaranteed five-shot sub-MOA performance. Featuring a famous SAUER smooth bolt, single-stage adjustable trigger (2.2 to 4.2 lbs.), five-round detachable double-stack magazine, three-position safety, and cold-forged German steel barrel, the S100 raises the bar for entry level rifles.

“We have combined German performance with American innovation in these new SAUER 100 models to offer hunters and shooters the best of both worlds when it comes to precision, accuracy and ergonomics,” said Jason Evans, CEO of Blaser Group.

The SAUER 100 LWT HS precision rifle features a cerakoted barrel that is rifled and threaded. The barrel length is 22″ for the standard calibres and 24″ for the magnum. The total weight of the rifle is 7 pounds. for standard gauges and 7.2 lbs. for the magnum.

The SAUER Pantera XT features a rifled, black cerakoted, and threaded medium-heavy barrel. Barrel length is 20″ for standard calibers and 22″ on the magnum – an ideal compact setup when using suppression. Total weight is 7 lbs. – 7.2 lbs. All S100s use Remington M700 Long Action bases.

Available in .308 Win, 6.5 Creedmoor, 6.5 PRC, and .300 Win Mag.

MSRP: $1,799.99

For more information, visit: JPSauer-USA.

About Blaser Group

The Blaser Group is the official US importer of the iconic German firearms brands Blaser, Mauser and JP Sauer; English gunsmith John Rigby & Co.; Minox Optics and Liemke Thermal Optics. Established in 2006, the San Antonio, Texas-based company works with distributors, wholesalers and more than 200 Blaser Group authorized dealers in every North American state, and this number is continually growing. Today, Blaser Group’s industry-leading product portfolio includes combination bolt action rifles and over and over shotguns designed specifically for hunters and competitive shooters. Their custom shop offers exclusive engravings, design work and custom finishes for bespoke weapons. With recent innovations, Blaser Group has expanded its product portfolio into cutting-edge optics and accessory lines. For more information on the company and product lines, visit: