Indiana security camera proves it’s the squirrel’s fault [FUNNY]

Squirrels can be so cute. Where I live, there is a park where you can feed shelled peanuts to squirrels. They get so close it melts your heart.

Although squirrels can be so adorable, they can become a nuisance if you like to have bird feeders in your garden. They are sneaky little critters that can find their way to a bird feeder no matter what obstacles you put in their way.

My mom used to get so mad that she would fill all her bird feeders and within a few hours, they were empty because as soon as she walked into the house, the squirrels ate every seed. She would sometimes catch them out the window working together, I thought it was funny, but she didn’t see the humor.

I think that’s why I loved this video so much.

You can see that something is going on with the car and you are going to take a look under the hood. It happened in Hudson, IN, and what they found is just too funny.

I was going to the hospital to see my new granddaughter who had just been born that morning, and my Infiniti sounded weird when I turned it on. I noticed that the check engine light was on. I decided to turn it off and tell my husband. The engine died but the auxiliary power did not turn off. My husband lifted the hood to find out what was going on and the squirrel jumped at him. Funny now but the squirrel did thousands of dollars in damage and my vehicle is still in the shop.

[Viral Hog via Rumble]

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