In Minot: a moose cow strolled uninvited

When was the last time a VERY BIG cow casually walked over to see “What’s up?”

Don’t you love today’s technology? In the past, when you had a few beers at your local bar, you could get away with telling a great story (doing your best to impress everyone who would listen), and with each drink, the more you overdid it. – Heck, actually, the little squirrel that came out of the bushes and made you scream like a bloody murderer was actually an 880 pound cow moose in your “horror story” – Now, in today’s world, we have cell phones with high-tech cameras turned on. them – just ask Breann Zietz.

Outside of Minot, North Dakota, about a week ago, a hunter received a surprise visit.

Imagine being there minding your own hunting business when you have a visitor. According to, “Breann Zietz said she was hunting southwest of Minot on September 21 when a “curious moose” approached her ground blind. Zietz remained calm and filmed the approximately two-minute encounter on her phone, in a video she shared on Facebook that has gone viral.” This video has certainly taken off and landed on YouTube. The part that appeals to me the most is that you can actually just Breann standing there, as still as she can, while this huge animal literally sticks its nose inside her. inches from where the hunter was, and you can hear the moose breath. Now when she’s reliving this story for all to hear, she actually has video proof.

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