ICAST 2023: Reinventing an American Coastal Favorite

St. Croix Updates Avid Series Inshore Rods for Greater Performance and Value in 2024

Seasoned inshore anglers looking for best-in-class performance among American-made mid-price rods have sought out St. Croix’s expansive Avid Series Inshore line for over a decade. Today, when an angler stands on deck holding a Seafoam Green Metallic rod, everyone knows they’re casting an ideal blend of American-made performance and value. And the name Avid means the same to anglers on various other waters. Favored by performance-oriented anglers of all activities, Avid is a legacy series for St. Croix Rod, a name that will never retire, encompassing 99 distinct and current models in general freshwater, walleye, panfish, travel, water coastal salty and surf. -Categories of rods.

“Avid Inshore was last updated in 2015,” says St. Croix brand manager Ryan Teach. “And while those updates were significant at the time, they pale in comparison to what we’ve been able to do with the series for 2024, starting with the use of our hybrid carbon fiber material on the blanks.”

Each of the 23 distinct models in the Avid Inshore Series for 2024 now starts with a new SCIII+ blank, precision-engineered and manufactured from a distinct blend of premium SCIII carbon and exotic SCVI carbon. Meanwhile, St. Croix’s patented Advanced Reinforcement Technology (ART) and Taper Enhancement Technology (TET) are now used in conjunction with existing IPC and FRS technologies to dramatically increase strength and durability while improving smoothness and enhance each specific action. The result? Avid Series Inshore rods that are lighter, sharper, even more responsive and better balanced in the hand, while supporting all the various ways inshore anglers fish.

“None of the things anglers already love about the Avid Inshore have changed,” says Teach. “We’ve retained the iconic Seafoam Green Metallic color, lightweight, worry-free Alconite and stainless steel guide trains, and full cork handles,” he says. “Although we have updated the reel seats and redesigned those full cork grips for better balance and ergonomics, while also switching to a more durable cork material.”

Further augmenting the remarkably lightweight feel born of Avid Inshore’s SCIII+ construction, an ergonomic redesign of the series’ full cork handles improves balance and reduces angler fatigue. In general, the lengths of the foregrips throughout the series have been extended at the request of the angler. “All Avid Inshore models now also feature our extremely durable agglomerated cork material on the handles,” says Teach. “We have tested this material extensively in saltwater environments for the past three years, and the results have been extraordinary. The agglomerated cork handles of our test rods show virtually no wear or degradation of any kind. We have also gone to two different reel seats within the series. The medium-heavy and heavy power models use a different reel seat that is better suited to the larger reels typically used with those powers.”

While the number of Avid Inshore models remains stable at 23 (six cast models and 17 rotary models), lengths, powers, and actions have been adjusted to better support popular and emerging inshore techniques and presentations. “We have diversified our SKU offering to include new options for heavier applications,” says Teach, referencing the addition of a couple of extra-heavy power moderate to fast action models in both casting (ASIC79XHMF) and spinning (ASIS79XHMF). . “These 79XHMF models, also offered on some of our other inshore series, are quickly becoming some of our best-selling tarpon rods, and we’ve also added a new 6′ medium power, fast action spinning rod (ASIS60MF ) that answers the call of anglers fishing for the hot trend of snap jigging,” adds Teach.

Of course, the next-generation Avid Inshore series for 2024 is still hand-built on American soil in Park Falls, Wisconsin, with a 15-year warranty. Overall, the series exemplifies St. Croix’s ongoing commitment to giving anglers the edge in inshore fishing presentations around the world.

New St. Croix Avid Series Coastal Features

  • Super high modulus hybrid carbon fiber SCIII+ blanks combined with Fortified Resin System (FRS) technology for maximum power and strength at significantly reduced blank weight
  • Integrated Poly Curve® (IPC®) chuck technology
  • Taper Enhancement Technology (TET) blank design provides curved patterns for enhanced action with increased sensitivity
  • Advanced reinforcement technologyTM (ARTTM)
  • Ultra strong and rigid stainless steel guides with Alconite rings
  • Ergonomic nylon reel seat with lock nuts on all models
  • Super durable full grip contoured chipped cork handles on all models
  • 15-year transferable warranty backed by St. Croix Superstar Service
  • Designed and handcrafted in Park Falls, Wisconsin, USA for inshore anglers around the world.
  • Retail Price $240 to $320

New St. Croix Avid Series Coastal Cast Models

  • ASIC70MLM – 7’0”, Light-Medium Power, Moderate Action, Launch / Retail $250
  • ASIC70MF – 7’0”, Medium Power, Fast Action, Launch / Retail $260
  • ASIC70MHF – 7’0”, Medium-Heavy Power, Fast Action, Launch / Retail $280
  • ASIC76MLM – 7’6”, Light-Medium Power, Moderate Action, Launch / Retail $280
  • ASIC76HMF – 7’6”, Heavy Power, Moderate-Fast Action, Launch / Retail $310
  • ASIC79XHMF – 7’9”, Extra Heavy Power, Moderate to Fast Action, Launch / Retail $320

New St. Croix Avid Series models for coastal spinning

  • ASIS60MF – 6’0”, medium power, fast action, spinning / Retail $240
  • ASIS70MF – 7’0”, medium power, fast action, spinning / Retail $270
  • ASIS70MXF – 7’0”, medium power, ultra-fast action, rotary / Retail $270
  • ASIS70MHF – 7’0”, medium-heavy power, fast action, spinning / Retail $280
  • ASIS70HMF – 7’0”, Heavy Power, Moderate-Fast Action, Swivel / Retail $290
  • ASIS73LF – 7’3”, light power, snap action, swivel / Retail $270
  • ASIS73MLF – 7’3”, medium light power, fast action, swivel / Retail $275
  • ASIS73MF – 7’3”, medium power, fast action, spinning / Retail $280
  • ASIS73MHF – 7’3”, medium-heavy power, fast action, spinning / Retail price $285
  • ASIS76MF – 7’6”, medium power, fast action, spinning / Retail $280
  • ASIS76MHF – 7’6”, medium-heavy power, fast action, spinning / Retail price $290
  • ASIS76HF – 7’6”, heavy power, fast action, spinning / Retail price $310
  • ASIS76HMF – 7’6”, heavy power, moderate-fast action, rotary / Retail $310
  • ASIS79XHMF – 7’9”, extra-heavy power, moderate-fast action, spinning / Retail $320
  • ASIS711MHF – 7’11”, medium-heavy power, fast action, spinning / Retail price $300
  • ASIS711HMF – 7’11”, heavy power, moderate-fast action, rotary / Retail $310
  • ASIS711HF – 7’11”, heavy power, fast action, spinning / Retail price $320

The new Avid Inshore rods will be available for purchase at St. Croix dealers worldwide and online at stcroixrods.com on August 1. See them at the St. Croix Booth #3022 at ICAST 2023 and in the Saltwater Rod category of the 2023 ICAST New Product Showcase.

Interested in becoming a St. Croix dealer? Please visit us at ICAST 2023 at booth #3022 or email dealersupport@stcroixrods.com.

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