Huk’s new Rover jacket keeps anglers covered in unpredictable weather

Huk, a leading outdoor sportswear brand, is pleased to announce the launch of its latest product, the Huk Rover Jacket. This lightweight, waterproof jacket will keep anglers warm, dry and ready to conquer any fishing expedition; It is designed to provide anglers with optimal protection in adverse weather conditions.

Men and women dedicated to fishing know that nothing should stand in the way of a big catch, not even inclement weather. The Huk Rover Jacket is designed to protect anglers from the elements, ensuring they can focus on their passion undisturbed. Constructed from a 2.5L waterproof body fabric, this jacket ensures superior water resistance, keeping anglers dry even in heavy rain or splashing.

The fully seam-sealed construction of the Rover Jacket takes waterproofing to the next level, preventing water penetration and keeping anglers protected from head to waist. Its adjustable elasticated hood ensures a snug fit, keeping out rain and wind, while zipped pockets offer secure storage for essentials, keeping them dry and close at hand at all times.

What sets the Huk Rover Jacket apart is its remarkable packability. When the weather improves, simply roll up the jacket and conveniently store it in its own zippered chest pocket. This feature makes it easy to transport and ensures that all anglers are always prepared for changing weather conditions during fishing adventures.

Made from a 95% polyester 5% elastane blend, the Rover Jacket offers the perfect balance of comfort, flexibility and durability. Allows for unrestricted movement, ensuring easy and accurate line casting.

Huk continues to prioritize innovation, quality and functionality in all of its products, and the Rover Jacket is no exception. This new addition to the Huk line is a testament to the brand’s commitment to offering exceptional gear that allows anglers to pursue their passion with confidence.

Huk Rover Jacket Features:

  • Fully seam-sealed construction.
  • Adjustable elasticated hem and hood
  • packable
  • Zipped chest pocket
  • Zipped hand pockets
  • available for men and women

Huk Rover Jacket Specifications:

  • 95% polyester, 5% elastane
  • 2.5 l waterproof fabric body.

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