Huk’s Father’s Day promo highlights connection to the leader in your life

Father’s Day is always a special time when people across the United States connect with their fathers, mentors, and father figures in their lives. Fishing and fathers always seem to go hand in hand, and Huk aims to highlight that connection with this opportunity on Father’s Day. This year, Huk wants to make this day even more special by entering for a chance to win a $500 gift card worth of Huk gear. Five selected winners can make this Father’s Day truly unforgettable and bring home all the fishing gear dad could ever want!

To enter, head over to to nominate your parent or mentor for a chance to win a $500 Huk Gift Card. Be sure to follow Huk’s social pages on Instagram, FB, etc. to get updates. Feel free to share memories and character traits about your mentor or father figure to truly commemorate them before Father’s Day. With this special occasion also falling on National Fishing Day, Huk aims to give everyone the chance to relive and cherish fishing memories with their mentors and father figures.

Huk truly believes in the power of fatherhood in fishing. Recent Bassmaster Elite winner Brock Mosley is very open about his strong passion for being a father and for fishing. “I spent a lot of time fishing as a kid, most days…” he said. “Being a father also made me appreciate Father’s Day even more. I understand the importance of being a father and being a role model for my two daughters.”

Huk encourages all anglers to step up to their father or father figure and join Huk in this national celebration of those who taught valuable life skills like patience, hard work, integrity, discipline and how to tie a lure. Fishing is a family tradition shared from generation to generation, so there’s no better way to celebrate Father’s Day than by gearing up for a weekend of fishing. This year, Huk has dads covered!

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