Huk Introduces Stylish And Functional Pursuit Costume For Women At ICAST

Huk dared to ask, “Who said fishing can’t be cool?” This ultimately led to the introduction of the new Pursuit Cover-Up Dress, created with the female fishing enthusiast in mind. Designed to blend fashion with function, this versatile garment will debut at the prestigious ICAST show in Orlando.

The Huk Women’s Pursuit Cover-Up Dress is the perfect accessory for anglers who refuse to compromise on style while enjoying their time on the water. Whether jumping out of the boat or just lounging poolside, this costume is a must-have addition to any fishing wardrobe.

With a range of impressive features, the Pursuit Cover-Up Dress guarantees exceptional performance. With its UPF 50+ sun protection, fishermen can stay in the sun with peace of mind, knowing that their skin is protected from harmful UV rays. The adjustable hood offers additional sun protection, shielding the face and neck from harsh rays.

Constructed from 100% polyester, the Pursuit Cover-Up Dress ensures optimal comfort and durability. The soft antimicrobial fabric provides a flattering drape, making women fishermen look and feel great while wearing it. The sheath dress features mesh sides, ensuring women fishing enthusiasts stay cool and comfortable during any fishing adventure.

In addition to its styling and sun protection features, the Huk Women’s Pursuit Cover-Up Dress offers practical benefits. Moisture transport technology efficiently wicks away sweat, keeping the wearer dry and comfortable even during intense fishing sessions. The cinches at the bottom allow for easy adjustment, ensuring a perfect fit and ideal coverage.

Feeling comfortable in functional fishing clothing and at the same time making a fashion statement seemed impossible. With Huk’s new Pursuit Cover-Up Dress, women fishermen won’t have to compromise.

Huk Pursuit Cover-Up Dress Features:

  • 100% polyester
  • mesh sides
  • Hooded for added sun protection.
  • moisture transport
  • antimicrobial

Huk Pursuit Cover-Up Dress Specifications:

  • 100% polyester
  • UPF 50+ sun protection

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