How to Mount Your C&H Precision Gun Plate to Your Optics

C&H Precision Weapons offers a wide range of mounting plates to accommodate various slides and optics. It takes time and research to understand all the different slider cut footprints and which board fits an optic of choice. Fortunately, the C&H Precision team is happy to help you with your selection and purchase.

Once an adapter plate is chosen, the mounting process is relatively straightforward. Make sure the work space is clean; this is a good time to lay out all the tools, making sure that all the necessary elements are present. In addition to the board and optics, a tool kit with appropriate Torx screwdrivers and bits is essential. C&H Precision Weapons offers a complete toolkit configuration. Fix-It Sticks are a great all-around tool system. The kit, sold on the C&H Precision website, provides a T8 and T10 Torx bit, a 10 in-lb torque limiter, and the T-Handle system. This kit can be found: https://chpws .com/product/mrds-maintenance-kit/

As with any major tool assembly, cleanliness is of the utmost importance. Cleaning the plate, screws and tools will help ensure a perfect fit with no residue. After cleaning the screws, apply a bead of Vibra-Tite to the threads and allow it to sit for 15-30 minutes, depending on the weather.

Depending on the model, it may be necessary to snap T-nuts into the machined cavity in the bottom of the plate. If you try to fit the bracket onto the slide and find it too difficult, you may need to press these T-nuts further into the plate. Once attached to the slide, make sure the adapter lies flat and the mounting holes align with the holes in the slide.

Now comes the fun part, making it all work. Taking the appropriate screws previously cleaned with Vibra-Tite, insert them into the mounting holes. Torque is key to proper tightening with screws of the proper strength. It helps to use a torque driver to torque them to 10 in-lbs. It helps to finish this assembly by adding an oil-based marker mark over the screws and plate as a visual identifier for looseness when walking.

The next major part of the assembly is the actual mounting of your red dot of choice. Following the steps above, line up the holes and insert the appropriate screws through the red dot and into the plate. Torque to the same 10 in-lb. Again, it is helpful to mark the screws with paint witness marks to easily identify screws that are coming off.

Some important notes:

If it is necessary to remove the screws for any reason (battery change), it is recommended to replace the screws with new ones. New screw kits can be found at:

Never use blue or red Loctite on screws. The former can make removal difficult, and the latter will require a significant amount of heat to loosen, potentially warping the mounting hardware.

As always, C&H Precision Weapons personnel are available to answer your questions and concerns. For a detailed process on mounting the plate adapter and red dot, please visit:

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