How to attract more songbirds to your garden

Just as birds have a favorite food, they also have preferred methods of eating. The first and most important aspect of any bird feeder is protection. You should hang feeders off the ground and away from bushes and trees to protect them from predators, including pets, and offer some protection from squirrels that will not only scare your birds but eat all of their food, according to Perky -Pet. . You can easily find squirrel proof bird feeders, like this one on Amazon, as well as squirrel baffles.

For birds that prefer suet, there are many styles of cake suet hangers that hold jumbo cakes, small cakes, round cakes, and individual cakes; just choose the style you want. Since bluebirds like mealworms, you can find specially covered feeders, like this one. And for larger songbirds like grosbeaks, who prefer open feeders to scooping their food out of small holes, a hanging bird tray is ideal.

Although finches will eat some seeds from a standard feeder, a sock or thistle feeder is perfect for those cute songbirds. Orioles like oranges and jelly outdoors, so a special feeder like this one with a jelly cup and prongs for hanging the fruit is perfect.