Horse Sense Therapeutic Center Riding Baby Donkey Mia Howell

I’m about to introduce you to the next adorable fur baby from the Jersey Shore.

Her name is Mia and she is a baby donkey that was just born in HorseSense Therapeutic Center. They are located at 145 East Street in Howell.

becky cinardo

becky cinardo

I have some additional videos and photos for you, but first, let me tell you a bit about this amazing place.

They offer therapeutic rides for children and adults with disabilities or anyone on any part of the spectrum.

According to your website, “Therapeutic horseback riding has been shown to improve balance, strength and motor coordination. It has also been shown to be effective in promoting language, sensory regulation and improving social skills, as students often form a emotional bond with the horses they ride.”

The best part is that they don’t have a structured curriculum. The action plan caters to each individual and the goals that are set.

Just keep in mind that everything is by appointment only, so give them a call at (732) 910-7855.

Seriously, how amazing is this? The power of animals. I’ll tell you…

This part is important: Horse Sense Therapeutic Center is looking for sponsors! You can sponsor a specific horse or student so that the cost of their riding lessons is covered!

And soon, this center will establish an Amazon wish list so that the public can help by buying some of the items they need most.

Now for that adorable baby donkey.

Her name is Mia and she is so fluffy!!

When you visit this place you will have the opportunity to pet Mia and she is super friendly!

becky cinardo

becky cinardo

And now the adorable video. The first video shows her calm, collected and collected:

And just a few moments later, Mia was on her way. Look how fast he can move those little legs:

And obviously, Mia is far from the only animal you’ll be with when you visit this amazing business.

Introducing the cutest little piggy ever, Pork Roll.


becky cinardo

becky cinardo

I’d at least stop by the Horse Sense Therapeutic Center to at least see what it’s all about.

I’ll make you a bet. You will be mesmerized by the horses and you will never want to leave.

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