Home security with the Defender Sentinel 4K NVR security system

We chose the Sentinel 4K NVR security system for our home security needs and after reviewing all of options, I knew we had made the right decision. The options for home security systems seem to be endless, find out why I am happy I chose this system for our home. The clarity and options offered by the Defender Sentinel 4K Ultra Wired NVR security system are more than enough for our home security and needs.

When choosing a wired security system, I spent a lot of time researching to find the best system for our needs. This led me down interesting paths. It has also prevented me from buying items that just don’t fit our needs. Regarding a home security system, my research led me directly to the Defender 4K Sentinel NVR security system.

I knew I wanted a wired home security system with at least four 4K home surveillance cameras. It could have had more cameras, but it would have been overkill for our house. Defender sells this same Sentinel system with 8 cameras if you think you need more security camera coverage. Our house is just over 80 years old, so choosing the system in advance with a plan was important because we would have to install cameras in the brick. I wanted the cables to be hidden and secured so they couldn’t be disassembled.

DVR vs NVR vs Wireless Security

When looking for a security system, you have basically three options on the market. Battery-powered wireless cameras seem to be getting all the buzz these days. You install them and every two months you need to download them to upload them. The problem with these cameras is that extreme cold and extreme heat will drain the batteries faster. Also, you have to use a ladder to get them down and reinstall them and while they are charging they don’t work. What if you need your cameras while they are charging?

The second option is DVR cameras. These cameras use coaxial cables with a BNC connector and a separate power supply for each camera. The DVR processes everything of the images and all the cameras are analog.

The third option is NVR, which is the system we chose. The PoE NVR camera system processes all of the images on the camera and send the recordings to the NVR box to be saved. Defender’s Sentinel 4K NVR system lets you view images through the Empower app, so you can see and share what’s happening wherever you are. A single cable provides 4K picture, sound and power quality, so you never have to run multiple cables or worry about a nearby power outlet. have done with a simple request. One of the great qualities of Defender Empower NVR cameras is that you can listen to the microphone of these cameras with a simple click on your phone or with the mouse of the security system, not many systems give you this advantage.

Why did we choose the Defender Sentinel NVR security system?

We chose the Sentinel system because the price for the complete 4 camera system was under $500.00. Defender offers an 8 camera system for less than $700.00 if you need that many cameras. I had a qualified electrician install my wiring just because he had the tools to install the system, so the wires were hidden and the system would be up and running in a single morning; That said, this system is simple enough for the average DIYer. I took the system out of the box and set it up using an old TV as a monitor and connected the system to our home network. I have the NVR box connected to our router, so it’s always live and recording as long as the house has power. I figure if the house doesn’t have power we have bigger problems, but you could plug into a UPS battery backup and surge protector at a later time to keep the system running.

The Sentinel NVR security system comes with everything you need to install the system, including cables, cameras, mounting screws, and the NVR box. The cameras are 8-megapixel 4K UHD sensors that shoot in full color around the clock. At night, the system switches to infrared LED color night vision, giving you options on how best to set it up for your conditions and lighting. Once configured, you can view the images remotely on your mobile device using the Empower Defender app.

We have the system hooked up to our TV and I can watch it no matter where I am through the Empower app. If for any reason the WiFi system is down, I have peace of mind knowing that this 4k home surveillance camera system is still recording and keeping my home safe.

One of the features that was very important to me was that I didn’t want to be indebted to a specific security company with monthly bills. Every Defender security system offers lifetime support with no monthly fees, ever; a feature that was very important in my research. If you’re looking for a security system for your hunting lodge, home, or even barn, check out Defender’s offerings.