Tetra Max RYZ archery sights open up new realms of range and accuracy

Wisconsin Rapids, WI – HHA™ Sports, a leader in adjustable bow sight technology, has taken the company’s decades of experience with single-pin bow sights and combined it with a dash of multi-pin bow sight technology to unleash Tetra Max RYZ bow sights, the most advanced multi-pin adjustable bow sights. bow sight ever developed.

“Our plan with the Tetra Max RYZ sights was to combine a multi-pin sight into a single-pin frame, all with the adjustability and ease of use our customers have come to expect,” said Chris Hamm, co-owner and vice president of operations. of HHA. Sports. “What we came up with is a sight that both hunters and competitive 3D shooters are excited about. Aiming your bow is easier than ever, and the sight extends an archer’s comfortable reach. This is the most exciting bowsight to hit the market in years.”

The Tetra Max RYZ uses a new long-range version of HHA’s legendary Range. Tick. Shoot. Technology with waterproof yardage tapes. The Max RYZ comes with the longest range distance tape HHA Sports has ever developed. The new Long Range RDS gives archers accuracy from 20 to 100+ yards (often reaching 150+ yards) with the simple turn of a wheel. The new infinitely adjustable slotted side bracket also makes that process quicker. With 2.1 inches of travel, the Tetra Max RYZ is incredibly accurate and now archers can comfortably extend their reach further than ever before.

HHA Sports Tetra Max RYZ sights have two pins contained within a single pin structure. The top pin is green and the bottom pin comes in your choice of red or yellow. You look at the top passer at 20 and 60 yards, and the bottom passer is automatically looked at. Choose from a .010, .019-inch diameter pin that, unsurprisingly, uses HHA’s ARMOR pin protection technology for long life and durability. It is housed in a 1-⅝-inch viewfinder with a built-in bubble level and a mechanical rheostat option.

The Tetra Max RYZ also comes in the Tetra Max RYZ Hoyt Edition with a picatinny rail mount. The Tetra Max RYZ Tournament Edition comes in an adjustable 4-5 inch or 4-7 inch rod length, and the Tournament Edition dovetails are compatible with Mathews Archery Bridgelock systems. Each sight will include an infinite adjustment plate to allow for independent elevation and second axis adjustments, as well as additional wind resistance on all in-line sight mounting options. Tetra Max RYZ sights come in left or right handed models and carry the HHA Sports 100 percent lifetime guarantee. They are obtained with pride and Made in EE.UU.

About HHA Sports
For nearly 40 years, HHA Sports has been the leader in single pin technology producing superior sights and accessories for archers. With a passion for the outdoors, the company’s development team has created a product line rich in exclusive features, from its patented RDS technology to its ARMOR Pin technology, which sets the brand apart from all others. With an eye firmly on the details, HHA Sports is committed to creating the most functional gear. The products are all Made in EE.UU. and backed with a 100 percent lifetime guarantee. All of this means whether you’re scaling some of the world’s toughest terrain on a hunt or going for gold in a championship round; You can always expect the best and most accurate shots from HHA Sports. For more information on HHA Sports, visit: www.hhasports.com.