Helinox Unveils New Flagship Creative Center in Busan, South Korea

“HCC Busan” designed as a four-story exhibition space offering visitors a Helinox-branded experience that fuses modern design with nature

Helinox, the brand that created the lightweight and portable furniture category, announces the recent opening of its second multi-story creative center, “Helinox Creative Center Busan” (HCC Busan). Busan is the second largest city in South Korea and is known for its beautiful combination of mountains, beaches, temples, and urban design.

The HCC model combines a showroom, a store, a workspace and a brand experience, and is designed to welcome consumers and take them on a journey through the spirit of design, craftsmanship, products and the collaborations that are the foundation of Helinox.

HCC Busan is located on Dalmaji-gil Road, which connects Haeundae and Songjeong, two of the most famous beaches in Korea and both known for their incredible surfing. Reflecting its location, the HCC Busan building was completely remodeled to resemble the waves, adding a modern design to the street and blending with and reflecting the surrounding nature.

“The opening of our new creative center was met with a lot of support and enthusiasm for the brand. I am looking forward to seeing the growing synergy between this new gathering of Helinox and the city of Busan, a city full of vitality with abundant festivals throughout the four seasons and the wonderful scenery created by the sea,” said Young Lah, CEO of Helinox.

Showcasing the full range of Helinox lightweight and portable furniture and accessories, HCC Busan features circular staircases that create a flow between four levels, each purposefully designed so that visitors can enjoy views of the sea, landscape and the environment. The second floor features the outdoor line, including Helinox’s legendary Chair One, the original product that created the portable outdoor furniture category, all crafted from Helinox aluminum alloy that expresses the line’s lightness and strength for brand exteriors. An entire wall of screens will display video content from Helinox, telling stories of the brand, travels, experiences and collaborations. The all-black third floor showcases the Tactical line, products for a variety of environments and applications that reflect military-inspired fashion trends. Finally, the fourth floor features a cafeteria and the Home collection by Helinox, colours, patterns and fabrics that stand out and are ideal for use in daily life, camping, commercial spaces and as design accents.

In addition to displaying products, HCC Busan includes a space for cultural activities and relaxation, including a spacious terrace that opens to the sea, and exhibition spaces for cultural events and temporary shops.

To celebrate the opening of HCC Busan, Helinox collaborated with Hiroshi Fujiwara and fragment design to introduce a new limited edition collection. The opening also featured events for visitors, including HCC Busan Community Day and Cyan Blue: The One.

Learn more about HCC Busan: https://helinox.com/blogs/news/in-store-events