HeadPeace – Beanies with Purpose

Like HeadPeace founder Lindsay Theken, I like to get my hair off my face, but I could never find a headband that would fit me. I don’t like anything too tight, and after wearing something behind my ears for a long time it gives me a headache. Fortunately, Lindsay did something about it: she made her own headbands herself.

HeaPeace headbands are like a bandana, headband, and bandana all in one. They’re made from super-soft fabric, folded in thirds but expandable to cover much of your head. Soft fabric keeps hair off your face and won’t bunch up on your neck. They’re great for yoga or exercise classes, walks, biking (under a helmet, please!), and generally all day long, no matter what you’re doing. At the campsite, perfect! In the garden, perfect!

I like the tremendous variety of prints: they are colorful or neutral, bold or subtle. Basically something for everyone.

HeadPeace does more than just headbands. They also offer neck gaiters, tie bands, kids’ bands, lightweight hats, and bundles that include a funky band, a gaiter, and a hat. Headbands are $14, leggings are $22, and hats are $26. Free shipping on orders over $29, free returns and exchanges.

Check out their hats at www.headpeaceheadbands.com.