Podcast features industry experts

HeadHunters NW, the leading executive recruiting firm deliberately and exclusively focused on acquiring talent for the shooting, hunting and outdoor industries, announces the launch of its new podcast, Head Hunters NW Podcast. Hosted by Shaylene Keiner, President of HeadHunters NW, the show explores the joys and challenges of organizations and careers in the coveted shooting, hunting and outdoor industry.

“We developed the Head Hunters NW Podcast as a place to have relevant and timely conversations about industry trends, hiring practices and career advancement,” Keiner said. “The shooting industry needed a platform to inform the public about the great people, fantastic career opportunities, and overall culture of collaborative success that we enjoy,” he added. “Plus, we get an insider’s view of what makes people and the companies they work for great.”

The episodes feature candid conversations with industry leaders exploring proven tips for success in the gun business. “We discuss the type of talent that manufacturers, trade associations and distributors that make up the industry are looking for and offer insight into what it’s like to work here. We share predictions, opinions and how our experiences help others,” Keiner said.

He HeadHunters NW Podcast the inaugural episodes feature a variety of industry heavyweights.

Head Hunters NW Podcast guests

  • Roy Huntington, retired editor and continuing contributor to FMG Publication’s consumer magazines
  • Brett Burleigh, COO, Vista Outdoor, QuietKat
  • Gary Ramey, CEO, Liberty Ammunition
  • Tracy Walker, Head of Human Resources, Heckler & Koch
  • Mike DeCheck, Vice President of Field Operations, Whitetails Unlimited
  • Ryan Donahue, General Manager, Stag Arms

“Whether you’re a CEO looking for a capable VP to drive your brand forward, or needing to add executives to your private equity firm or board of directors, or curious about your favorite firearms manufacturer, listen to find out. how others have excelled in our industry,” Keiner said. “Please share the podcast with people you know and people you think should consider working in our great community of freedom-loving, gun-carrying Americans,” he added.

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About Head Hunters NW

HeadHunters NW recruits talent for Fortune 500 corporations, private equity and venture capital groups, family businesses, and nonprofit organizations while uncovering talent for C-suite roles, vital management positions, and more. HeadHunters NW discovers thriving candidates from various industries, functions and regions and places them in influential roles in the shooting, hunting and outdoor industry. The people who can take your goals to the next level are within our reach and we secure them for you fast. HeadHunters NW helps you recruit the best talent for your team within the set time frame.