Specialized Recruitment for the shooting industry

HeadHunters NW, the leading recruiting firm focused exclusively and deliberately on the acquisition of executive talent for the shooting, hunting and outdoor industry, is collecting data for the second annual Shooting Sports Industry Salary Survey specific to the firearms industry until January 10, 2023.

According to HeadHunters NW President Shaylene Keiner, “We were surprised by the positive response we received after last year’s Shooting Sports Industry Salary Survey was completed and shared with participants. It turned out to be a useful tool in understanding what attracts and helps retain top talent for their teams,” she said.

Competition is intense for the most attractive candidates. “For good reason,” Keiner said. “Senior talent shapes and contributes to the overall success of the organization they choose to join. Competition for these people can be costly if you don’t know their value or anticipate their expectations.”

“As the hiring climate in the shooting industry continues to evolve, it is vital to update salary and benefit metrics,” Keiner said. “If you’re adding to your team in 2023, you’ll need a quick, comprehensive look at the 2023 hiring landscape. This survey includes information not available anywhere else.”

The HeadHunters NW Shooting Sports Industry Salary Survey 2023 questionnaire is limited to high-level executives and HR leadership. All participation is confidential and will not be revealed in the results. Data includes average salaries for specific roles in the firearms industry when considering regional trends, benefits packages, and incentives.

To participate in the 2023 HeadHunters NW Shooting Sports Industry Salary Survey, email Shaylene Keiner at Shaylene@HeadHuntersNW.com. Taxpayers will receive a free copy of the report during SHOT Show 2023.

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About Head Hunters NW

HeadHunters NW recruits talent for Fortune 500 corporations, venture firms, private equity groups, family businesses, and nonprofit organizations while uncovering talent for C-suite roles, vital management positions, and more. HeadHunters NW discovers thriving candidates from various industries, functions and regions and places them in influential roles in the shooting, hunting and outdoor industry. Employees who can take your goals to the next level are within our reach, and we secure them for you fast. HeadHunters NW helps you recruit the best talent for your team in the time frame you set.