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44th Annual MI Fall Musky Tournament September 30-October. two

Hayward Lakes Chapter-Muskies Inc. is hosting its 44th Annual Fall Musky Tournament from Friday, September 30 through Sunday, October 2, offering over $30,000 in prizes.

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kAmx? 255:E:@?D[ @55 DA64:6D E92E 4@F=5 2AA62C 😕 2 C:G6C >:I H@F=5 :?4=F56 46?EC2= >F5>:??@H[ 3C@@< DE:4<=6324<[ @C >2J36 6G6? ;@9??J 52CE6CD] %96D6 2C6 2== ?2E:G6 DA64:6D 2?5 42? 36 6I46AE:@?2==J 23F?52?E 😕 AC@5F4E:G6 H2C>H2E6C DEC62>D 24C@DD (:D4@?D:?]k^Am

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