Hawke® Optics, a world leader in quality sporting optics that perform outstandingly in the field while maintaining optimal value for the consumer, is taking over the turkey market with the first turkey scope of its kind. The new Vantage IR 1-4×20 Turkey Dot Riflescope was specifically designed to be a serious lightweight turkey scope. With a favorable reticle and the ability to be used as a reflex or magnified optic, you’ll be ready for your next turkey season!

The new turkey dot IR reticle offers fast acquisition of your target when every second counts. You have the ability to use it at 1x for true reflex shooting when your turkey is up close and in person, but you’ll also have the ability to zoom in on your turkey at longer distances with up to 4x magnification. The 4 MOA illuminated center dot aiming point is surrounded by a circle that measures 10 inches at 25 yards, when at 1x magnification. Non-illuminated floating posts at 3, 6, and 9 o’clock provide additional guidance and level confirmation for improved accuracy and quick target identification.

Made with a 4-inch long eye relief, capped low-profile ½ MOA turrets, and a clean new reticle designed specifically for turkey hunting, the new Turkey Dot is a must-have! Its precision glass-etched reticle has red and green multi-stage illumination. Built on a 1-inch monotube chassis, this new turkey scope features a high-torque zoom ring and fast-focus scope. No wonder it’s covered by Hawke’s No-Fail Lifetime Warranty, is Nitrogen Purged, Shockproof, Waterproof and Fogproof. It’s also rated for all gauges, so no matter what you hunt with for turkey season, it can handle it! The durability of Hawke’s rifle scopes is exceptional and stands the test.

This new Turkey Dot Rifle Scope from Hawke only improves on their dedication to providing turkey hunters with the best optics on the market! In 2022, Hawke released a new reticle on its popular reflex sight. The Reflex Circle Dot Wide View took the turkey market by storm last season with its 2 MOA Dot / 35 MOA Circle, only to be accompanied by an extremely impressive variable power scope for 2023.

More and more people are turning to turkey hunting optics for various reasons. Whether it’s his preference, or you’re guiding a young hunter into the sport and want to give him quick target acquisition, the new Hawke turkey scope should be on his radar. Retailing for $239, the new Vantage IR 1-4×20 Turkey Dot Scope is your key to a successful turkey season!

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