Hawke® Optics, a world leader in quality sports optics that perform outstandingly in the field while maintaining optimal value for the consumer, is bringing its range of LPVO offerings with three new models of 1-8×24 scopes.

All Hawke Vantage riflescopes feature our H2 optics. The new 2023 1-8×24 models come with three reticle options; L4A, Round Point or Tactical BDC 5.56. Featuring precision glass-etched reticles with red and green multi-stage illumination, these models are built on a 30mm monotube chassis with a wide-angle FOV for maximum light transmission. ½ MOA capped, resettable, fingertip turrets make adjustments easy, while 11 layers of fully multi-coated lenses deliver a sharp, clear and bright viewing image.

The L4A Dot and Circle Dot reticles provide a clean, uninterrupted view of your target, while the new Tactical BDC 5.56 reticle provides uncompromising detailed accuracy for your 5.56 NATO ammo AR pattern rifles and pistols. The glass-etched BDC (bullet drop compensation) reticle features an illuminated center dot and horseshoe for quick target acquisition, and windage markers for increased accuracy. The Tactical BDC 5.56 option also features a range find feature etched into the glass below the reticle. It is modeled after a standard IDPA target size of 18″ x 30″ when used at 8x magnification, specifically designed for common USPSA and IPSC targets used in competitions such as 3-Gun. It will place the baseline (bottom thick horizontal bar) at the bottom of your target. The horizontal bars that the top of your target touches will correspond to the distance of your target in the hundreds. For example, if the top of your target touches the bar marked ‘4’, you know the target is 400 yards away. These markers also indicate the width of the target. Once you have determined the distance of your targets, the length of the distance bar you are on (from the thick vertical connecting post to the end of the bar) represents 18” width. It is important to note that the bar marked ‘3’ should only be used to measure the width on one side or the other of the vertical bar, not both combined. The other bars are measured by their respective side.

Along with these three new models of 1-8×24 scopes, Hawke offers three 1-6×24 models, four 1-4×24 models, and one 1-8×24 across its line of scopes, all with a variety of features and reticles including fiber dot illumination and the popular Circle Dot and L4A Dot. All of these models, along with all Hawke rifle scopes, are Nitrogen Purged, Shockproof, Waterproof, Fogproof, and Caliber Rated (Glass Etched Models). A removable pull lever is included. They all also come with Hawke’s No-Fail Lifetime Warranty. The new Vantage 1-8×24 models retail for $449, making them a durable, accurate and affordable LPVO option!

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