HastanUSA’s JET Introduces Convertibility Into A PCP Air Pistol/Carbine Rifle Combo

New for 2023, HatsanUSA is proud to display their NEW PCP Carbine/Air Pistol Rifle, the JET is more than just a pistol. Easily convert it to a rifle with its removable and adjustable stock. Available in 3 calibers: .177, .22, and .25, the JET is perfect for target practice, small game hunting, and just for fun.

This repeatable, multi-shot, side-lever PCP comes with a removable black air cylinder with built-in pressure gauge. But guess that? You can get replacement air cylinders – in 4 different colors! Black, red, blue or green. Do you want additional air capacity? We also have the JET II, ​​which is built with dual 40cc air cylinders. With replacement dual air cylinders also available, also in black, red, blue and green. These cylinders are easily interchanged** with just a few turns of a few screws. Each individual air cylinder holds 40cc of air and is filled to 250 BAR (3625 PSI), providing up to 24 shots (48 on JET II/dual air cylinders) at optimum velocity (0.177 cal). Shooting up to 788 FPS (.177 cal) and 16.5 FPE (.25 cal), the JET does not lack for power.

With a shrouded barrel of just 7.9 inches, the JET has a compact length of just 15 inches without the stock and 22.8 to 24.6 inches with the adjustable stock added. It’s light to boot! Coming in at just 2 lbs. without the stock (2.9 lbs. with it), this PCP air pistol is perfect to throw in your backpack for any hunting or camping trip. Constructed with a full-length 11mm dovetail rail to accommodate a variety of optics, the JET also includes 3 integrated adjustable flip-up sights. Additionally, it has picatinny rails mounted on either side of the receiver/air cylinder for additional accessories such as a flashlight.

Its all-weather polymer design is ideal for rugged use. The JET also has an ergonomically designed synthetic handle with finger grip molds and grooves on the grip surfaces. Ambidextrous operation, adjustable headrest, and rubberized stock add even more comfort and control to this air pistol. Its manual safety is located in the trigger guard.

The JET includes 2 S/ROTO Index pistol magazines and an extended Foster connector. Pack the JET, some extra cylinders, and buckshot in a bag for one hell of an adventure!



  • Side Lever Preloaded Pneumatic Carbine (PCP) Air Rifle/Repeating Pistol
  • Available in .177, .22 and .25 calibers
  • 40cc removable single air cylinder filling to 250 BAR on JET I
  • Dual 40cc removable** air cylinders (80cc total) fill to 250 BAR on JET II (DO NOT REMOVE WHILE PRESSURIZED)
  • Additional single and double air cylinders available in 4 colors: black, red, blue and green
  • Built-in pressure gauge to monitor cylinder pressure
  • Barrel shroud protects and stabilizes the barrel for maximum durability and accuracy
  • Precision rifled and drowned German steel barrel
  • Includes 2 detachable, caliber-specific, multi-shot S/Roto Index pistol magazines
  • Full length 11mm dovetail rail
  • 3 integrated and adjustable flip-up sights
  • Ambidextrous, all-weather, heavy-duty, synthetic pistol grip with finger grip molds
  • Lightweight, telescopic, detachable, stock
  • Checkered grip for better control and feel.
  • Height adjustable headrest
  • Picatinny accessory rails mounted on both sides of receiver/air cylinder
  • Extended Foster connector included
  • manual safety
  • Weight: JET I – 2 lbs.; 2.9 pounds in stock
  • Weight: JET II: 2.8 lbs; 3.4 pounds in stock
  • Barrel Length: 7.9 inches.
  • Overall Length: 15 in. out of stock; 22.8 in.-24.6 in. with stock
  • Max Velocity* – Unleaded Pellets – 810 FPS – .177; 700FPS – .22; 600FPS – .25
  • Max Velocity* – Lead Shot – 788 FPS – .177; 700FPS – .22; 600FPS – .25
  • Max Muzzle Energy* – 9.7 FPE – .177; 15.6 EPF – .22; 16.5 EPF – .25
  • Shots at Optimum Velocity JET I – 24 – .177; 21 – .22; 15 – .25
  • Shots at Optimum Velocity JET II – 48 – .177; 42 – .22; 30 – .25

* Speed ​​and energy results may vary due to pellet weight, pellet shape, pellet material, temperature, elevation, and other factors.


HatsanUSA is the exclusive distributor of Hatsan airguns and Escort firearms in the US. Renowned for precision craftsmanship and performance, Hatsan products provide an exceptional shooting experience. The brands are driven by purpose and are recognized for their outstanding power, performance, reliability and value. Hatsan prides itself on its vertically integrated manufacturing process, which allows it to maintain the highest levels of quality, workmanship, and a competitive edge.

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